Gaetan Sene signs with Starboard

Our friend and top Euro Racer Gaetan Sene (1st place long distance 12'6 M30-39 @BOP), formerly with Mistral, has signed with Staboard. I briefly spoke with him today about his new board and his plans for the year ahead.

Hi Gaetan, congratulations on signing with Starboard! Tell us about it, what were the reasons for changing?

In 2011, I spend lot of time Stand Up Padlling and the Mistral M1 was a good versatile board. Now my technique has improved and I would like to paddle with a board that is more « engaged » . Starboard changes the shape regularly, and it's good try things out and find the best board to win.
The great Starboard France team including Pascal Pouget, Sebastien Cattelan, Sophie Routaboul and promising Arutkin Arthur was  an additional source of motivation, a few other reasons were more personal or confidential information discussed in the contract.
Which board will you be using for racing?
I will using the 12'6" x26,5" Bop, a board that we already now the success, and the 14' x 25" which I tried last week in a small downwind. This flat water board was a little unstable but I had very good run, it was a pleasure, a lot of fun.
Gaetan Sene signs with Starboard
What are your plans for 2012?

My first goal to best represent France at the upcoming ISA World Championships in Peru. Then the championship of France and the BOP (Battle of the Paddle) in California are the dates for which I will try to do a specific preparation. Some other races in France and Europe will be interim targets. My goal will be primarily to better manage the many events of the season to keep fit, motivation and finance at the highest.

Which other sponsors do you have? Are you also changing paddles?

Fenn kayak sursfki and Select paddle are my two partners for several years and now I will not change the paddle. Select had very good specific Race SUP paddle and they progress every year on the blade and shaft. Eric Terrien joined me with Select Paddle a good opportunity to develop the best paddle together.

Thanks Gaetan, and good luck for Peru!