On March 28, 2012, Corran Addison left Imagine Surf to move on to new projects.

Corran Addison was the polarizing avantgardist of the Kayak scene. He competed in the 1992 Olympics and won silver and bronze at the Freestyle World Chamionships. He did a 31m vertical drop off a waterfall in France and pioneered new boat designs (e.g. the Riot Disco). At 20, he was in hosptial with a broken back and doctors told him he could never walk again, but he proved them wrong.

He then left this world behind to focus on Surf and SUP, founding Imagine Surf in January of 2002 in Montreal, Quebec. It started as a surfboard manufacturing company that in 2004 began to teach surf classes on Montreal’s St Lawrence river waves. By 2006 Imagine Surf had an international distribution for it’s surfboards and was arguably Canada’s largest manufacturer of surfboards. In the spring of 2007 Imagine began to manufacture Stand Up Paddleboards, beginning with what was then a cutting edge design called the Cutback that was only 7’11” – remarkably short for the time. The evolved design is still in production today. Imagine was the first comapny to build SUPs made of PE, which are perfect for Whitewater.

Following the sale of Imagine to the Contrarian Group in August of 2010, Corran moved the operation to Southern California, and continued on as the companies President. In January of 2012 the company was again sold to the Pryde Group, a Hong Kong based company.
“We have different ideas on which direction the company should go,” Corran Addison commented about his departure. “My strengths are in innovative design and brand building, and this was not the direction they wanted to take the brand, so the relationship with Imagine Surf no longer made a great deal of sense”
“The brand will continue to grow, and I wish them the best of luck,” Corran continued. “As for myself, I’m very excited about what the future holds in this fast growing sport and industry, and my continued role within it.”
Carsten Kurmis, former Imagine Germany distributor, comments:” I am really sorry for Imagine to loose that great and inovative shaper, surfer, and promoter. He brought Imagine and the SUP sport to the next level. Can´t wait to see where he pops out next with new and fresh ideas. Big props to Corran, it was a pleasure working with him”
Guido Meier from Bavarianwaters.com, who is racing on the Imagine Sprinter says: “We are looking forward to Corran’s next project. His knowledge and expertise, especially when it comes to white water SUP is unparalleled. I am sure he knows that and will use it to his advantage.”
Here is a video of Carsten, Guide and Corran SUPing in the white water:
Personally, I am sorry to hear that, too. My first SUP was an Imagine SUP and my favourite Surfboard is the Imagine 70s. But we are curious what he will be up to next and wish him all the best luck! Here are some of my favourite Corran quotes from prior Interviews:
“Is SUP just a bubble that will burst or will it last?” – Corran: “If SUP is just a bubble, I will heat my hat!”
“What do surfers think about SUP?” – Corran: “Arthur Schoppenhauper said: ‘All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.’ SUP is currently somewhere between 2 and 3”