Extreme SUP Surfer and former Olympia Athlete Bobby Thatcher offers guided tours in London and the South West. Bobby says: "I believe it’s healthy and important to open yourself up to new challenges and experiences outside of your daily working life. I have seen the positive effects of sport on my own life as well as on the lives of many of my students and feel that the daily challenge of sport can be met by anyone with an open mind, regardless of age, sex or ability."


SUP London

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) offers a superior core workout on both flat water and amongst the waves. It is an ideal sport for cross training as it brings together legs, back, feet, arms, neck and the stomach muscles in a graceful display of balance and core strength.

Group and individual sessions are available on the Regents Canal near Broadway Market E8 

  • Night SUP group sessions take place week day evenings from 6.30pm. The sessions lasts about 1 hour and costs £15 per head
  • Weekend SUP group paddles to the Olympic Stadium or the Islington Basin form Broadway Market are also available. Paddles last about 2 hours and cost £20 per head

SUP surf safaris

SUP is relatively new to the UK and many surfers are converting to the sport as it offers increased versatility. You catch more waves, ride them for longer, plus you have the advantage of standing so you are able to observe the incoming sets and move to the correct position quickly.

When leaning to surf many people struggle with timing the pop-up, and many quit before experiencing the pleasure of surfing the green face of a wave. SUP opens up the pleasure of surfing to many more. You can paddle much faster and catch waves earlier (before they pitch up) plus you are already standing!

When conditions are looking good Bobby will run small group SUP Surf Safaris to South-West England, leaving from London on a Friday evening and returning Sunday evening.

More information: thesourcelondon.com