Want to increase your SUP strength and flexibility? Looking for some workouts to do before, after or in between paddles? Want to get a dream body?

SUP Fitness with Annabel Anderson

Annabel Anderson, Starboard Team Rider and one of the fastest female Stand-Up Paddlers in the world, reveals her best exercises on www.sup-guide.com. The can easily be done from home, all you need is your body weight and a paddle. The exercises might look easy, but they are really tough and effective. Look at the videos and you will know why Annabel is so fast!

The videos were shot right after Annabel's victory in the London Boat Show Indoor SUP sprint challenge. So please excuse the chaotic setting, we decided to prioritize the quality of the exercises over high-end production.

We have grouped the exercises into 3 areas:

  • Warm-Up: best exercises to be done before paddling
  • Flexibility and Mobility: best done after paddling
  • Strength: Increase your sup fitness and strength on those days in between paddles

more exercises coming soon, like us on facebook.com/supguide for updates!