christchurch charity SUP

Our friend Annabel Anderson is organizing a charity SUP paddel to raise as much money as possible for the Christchurch Quake Appeal. Unfortunately it is a bit far for us, but we will post the photos of this amazing event…

WHAT: We are going to paddle across the Viaduct in gorgeous flowing designer dresses & kaftans (yes – we’ve got some of the most beautiful designers in town lined up for you).

AIM: To raise as much money as possible for the Chirstchurch Quake Appeal

TIME: 11am – 1pm onwards


  • A limited number of boards/paddles will be available, first in buying tramadol online
  • Bring your high heels – these will be taped your board in zip lock bags. 
  • Handbags will be carefully delivered by our ‘Board Caddies’ on the safety boats.


christchurch charity SUP

  • A limit of 30 paddlers max. Everyone is warmly welcomed (those who do not have boards or are not paddling) to participate by joining us on the visitors’ dock at the Viaduct from 12pm onwards for drinks & nibbles to celebrate empowerment to the girls of Auckland and raising much needed funds for Christchurch.  
  • We have the best photographers in town lined up to capture all the action!
  • If you require a board – contact Annabel ASAP to reserve your board.

WHERE: Viaduct Harbour, Auckland. Details of all logistics will be sent out 2 days prior to the event and will include all information about where to deliver boards to on Friday morning/pick up details / and confirmation of what Viaduct venue we will be at afterwards.


  • Min: $50/head for those that are paddling (please feel free to give more generously if you are able – we are trying to raise as much as we can). 
  • Min: $25/head for those that are not paddling and will meet us at the other end
  • Payment to be made into the following account: ‘u’ Body & Soul 12-3109-0004009-00
  • Reference: BOBs & your first initial & surname
What you get:  
  • Paddlers get the privilege of paddling across the Viaduct in beautiful designer attire, celebrating female empowerment & raising all important funds for those affected by the Chch earthquake. 
  • We are working on trying to have some special treats lined up for everyone be it entertainment, pampering, drinks or the like.  If you happen to know of anyone who may be able to assist with this, please pass on all contact details to Rose, Katherine or Annabel.  
  • We want to do something special & extraordinary – if you have anything which you wish to donate or any good ideas, please contact us so that we can make this as amazing as possible. 
  • RSVP via email by Wednesday 30th March to
Annabel Anderson 021 0821 7266
Rose Houghton 021 876 333
Katherine Heatley  021 315 629
All paddlers must be competent & wear a leg rope. 
Safety boats will accompany us.