On August 26th, 2012 the inaugural Trofeo Delle 2 Isole Race took place at Lake Garda/Italy. It was a 9.4km downwind race, from Brenzone to Pai. Claudio from Y.C. Acqua fresca di Brenzone, well supported by the Aisup President Roberto Domenichini, perfectly read the conditions of the day and prepared a race course that was very exciting and spectacular.

It was a perect downwind race, Peler, the king of the Lago di Garda nice weather winds was blowing with 25 knots. Peler is know to form 3 large waves that are surfable, followed by 7 smaller waves.
Team Jimmy Lewis was dominating the race with Daniele Guidi winning the 14’0 class and Paolo Marconi finishing 1st in the 12’6” Division reaching maximum speeds of 15.4km/h, very remarkable for a 12’6”. For the women’s Silvia Mecucci won after an awesome paddle, she was for the first time using the QB Flyweight 83, which seemed to be working very well. Team Fanatic proved that the Fly Race 12’6” Carbon is also great for catching waves, with Davide Codotto and Petra Offermanns finishing 2nd for both the men’s and women’s category.
After the race the race the riders were taken back to the starting point via a scenic boat ride, got their vans to pick up the boards from the finish and drove back to the start, where a nice pasta lunch awaited them, then the prize giving. Right after the prize giving the sky turned black and there was a huge hailstorm which hail the size of hazelnuts, a spectacular finish of an aweseome day. Congratulations to all winners and thanks to the organizers for the awesome course/event.
Classe 14’0 
1 Daniele Guidi  Jimmy Lewis / QuickBlade 51’23”
2 Marco Moroni Jimmy Lewis / QuickBlade 54’49”
3 Tommaso Freschi Jimmy Lewis /QuickBlade 56’37”
Classe 12’6
1 Paolo Marconi Jimmy Lewis/QuickBlade 52’09”
2 Davide Codotto Fanatic  54’12
3 Federico Benettolo Starboard 55’03”
Classe 12’6 donne
1 Silvia Mecucci Jimmy Lewis/ QuickBlade 1h02’27”
2 Petra Offermanns Fanatic 1h04’53”
3 Martina Ciafrei Jimmy Lewis/QuickBlade  1h12’45”

In case you want to check out the great downwinds on lago di garda yourself, have a look at Camping Antonio, it is a 1* camping (12 EUR per night) right across the lake, a perfect base for SUPing.