The SUP RACE CUP took place on the weekend of 28/29 MAY 2011 in the French Mediterranean (Golf of Saint Tropez ). Here is the full report

SUP Race Cup 2011, France

For more information and registration here is the event website.

Confirmed riders so far: Eric Terrien, Ludo Dulou, Alexandre Gregoire, Gaetan Sene, Didier Leneil, Cattelan Sebastien, Raphael Filippi, Pascal Maka, Annabel Anderson, Bart de Zwart from Maui, Ryan James from UK, Borja Basso from Spain, Reghitto luigi from Italia, Pascal Pouget and Lulu Langlois

A note from Yannick:


the date of the Biggest Event in Mediterranea "the SUP RACE CUP" the 28 and 29 of MAY 2011

A quick note to tell you that you can write your notebooks or other agenda and calendar, the date of the second edition of the SUP CUP RACE!

  • … It will take place in France in Mediterranéa in the golf of Saint Tropez the 28 and 29 of May 2011. 
  • …we put a waiting period ! the races can be change


  • 8 am: Registration and Tonnage SUP
  • 10H: Breafing Teams for Relay Race
  • 10H30: Departure Race RELAY
  • 12H: Awards / Animation QUIKSILVER
  • 12:30: Aperitif Offered by the City of Sainte Maxime and La Cigale Surf Club Pays des Maures
  • Dining options on site on one of three private beaches preferential rates to competitors, Casino beach, and beach HAVANA PARIS PLAGE
  • 14H 15H: Younger Race Elite and Initiation SUP PADDLE OC1 and OC4
  • 15H30: Briefing ELITE RACE
  • 16H: Departure Race RACE ELITE 2011
  • 17H30: Awards RACE ELITE
  • 19H30: RDV Beach Casino for the evening buffet offered by the Casino
  • 21H: Public Concert on the Promenade proposed by QUIKSILVER EUROPE
  • 23H: SUN RDV at 7 in the Casino for an evening exclusively reserved for Runners


  • Race of 15 km Open to 12'6 / 14 and unlimited. 
  • The start will be in waves: 12'6 then 14, then an unlimited we want a race in the race! 
  • The awards ceremony taking place at each end of the race ! the award will be made with other special prizes (surprises) in Sainte Maxime! the cost of registration this year will be € 50 or 60€
  • everything will depend on what we can negotiate!  We negotiate rates on accommodation for one week / three days / weekend / the night! 
  • We negotiate rates on accommodation for one week / three days / weekend / the night! 

What else?

  • We want to live with you two days with pleasure, joy and good humor is important for the Surf Club la Cigale
  • The racing prize money that will not be lower than last year! 
  • What title you will win? 
  • In Mediterranean anything can happen ! we hope four distinguished guests! there will be a real competition! 
  • More information in the months to come! We will not tell you everything either! to be continued …

Remember if you and your friends want to participate at the Event THE SUP RACE CUP 2011 it is not enough to attend on Facebook! You have to send a message to : ! pre-registration is required obligatory ! and before the end of the month we send to you the file to register !!!

UPDATE from Yannick:

The French Federation of Surfing is working with us to establish rules for the SUPRACE in France. That workmakes us a little late to send for you the folder !! There will be any regulations in the race that you must respect  and especially for the long race ! 
we apologize for the delay but know and see yourself already by sending your pre-registered mail ! 
there will be no cancellation of racing !  We already have 51 pre-registered ! 
in apologizing for the delay we wish you a very good day !

Here are some pictures from last year which Yannick has sent us: