So many big races this weekend. Here’s a round-up with more detailed reports and pics to follow:

SUP 11 City Tour
Saturday was the last day of the 220km Eleven City, one of the longest and hardest races in the world. The weather this year was very un-Dutch, with quite a bit of sunshine and not too much wind, even some downwind passages. But this did not mean the race was easy, it just meant the speed went up. Bart de Zwart, who already proved he is the man for tough challenges by paddling from England to Holland (among other crazy endurance challenges) won this tough race for the third year in a row (quoting Bart:”what nobody understands is: every year is hard, every day is hard, no matter what the weather is like!”). Young gun Casper Steinfath, who turned 19 during the tour finished 2nd (in his 2nd year there) before Austrian Champion Peter Bartl, winner of the 62km Ultramarathon in Podersdorf, who participated for the first time. For the women’s we saw a spectacular performance of Laura Quetglas from Spain, who in her first year at the tour won, beating tour veteran & founder Anne-Marie Reichmann.
Men’s Top 10
1. Bart de Zwart USA / The Netherlands (Starboard, Starboard)
2. Casper Steinfath Denmark  (Naish, QB)
3. Peter Bartl Austria (Mistral, QB)
4. Ike Frans The Netherlands
5. Ricardo Haverschmidt The Netherlands
6. Emiel Halma The Netherlands
7. Ruben  Salvador Spain
8. Richard Gratzei Austria / Österreich
9. Antonio  De La Rosa      Spain
10. Benjamin  Swails   USA
1. Laura Quetglas, Spain
2. Anne-Marie Reichman, USA / The Netherlands
3. April Zilg, USA
Stand Up World Series Florida, Cocoa Beach Classic.
There was an epic swell in Florida and the athletes had to battle through huge waves to get in and out. Day 1 was the Long Distance Race and Day 2 consisted of Sprint Races. Kai Lenny finished 2nd in the long distance and won the sprint races, also securing the overall win. Mexico’s Fernando Stalla put together strong performances in both long distance and sprint racing, battling his way through the rounds in the sprints to finish in an impressive second place, which combined with his 4th place finish in the long distance put him in 2nd place overall in this World Series stop. Conner Baxter, who won the long distance, finished 3rd overall. Off note is the performance of our European friend Eric Terrien, who finished 3rd in long distance.
For the women’s, Annabel Anderson stormed to victory once more and also finished 8th overall (among the men).
1. Kai Lenny
2. Fernando Stalla
3. Connor Baxter
4. Zane Schweitzer
4. Ryan Helm
6. Eric Terrien
Men’s Long Distance SUP Race
1. Connor Baxter (Starboard)
2. Kai Lenny (Naish)
3. Eric Terrien (BIC)
4. Fernando Stalla
5. Ryan Helm
6. Slater Trout
Women’s Long Distance SUP Race
1. Annabel Anderson (Starboard)
2. Bailey Rosen
3. Bernadette Leach
Men’s SUP Sprints
1. Kai Lenny (Naish)
2. Fernando Stalla
3. Zane Schweitzer
4. Mo Freitas
5. Ryan Helm
6. Kody Kerbox
7. Connor Baxter
Open Sup de Lyon: Gaetan Sene and Olivia Piana win
The first day of racing on Saturday, saw two 4km races with many buoy turns, then there was a 10 km long distance race on Sunday, the racers had to show a lot of versatility to secure an overall win. Gaetan Sene wins overall, before youngstar Arthur Daniel and Renaud Noyall.  For the women’s, Olivia Piana, who is ultra motivated by her upcoming BOP participation clearly won the race leaving many disillusioned males behind.
Final men after 4 rounds:
1. Gaétan Séné (Starboard)
2. Arthur Daniel (Junior, Jimmy Lewis)
3. Renaud Noyelle
4. Arthur Arutkin (Junior, Starboard)
5. Didier Leneil (Fanatic)
6. Fabrizio Gasbarro (Fanatic)
7. Edward Garcia
8. Laurent Delpin
9. Gregory Vitry
10. Pierre Nau (Junior)
Final women after 4 rounds:
1. Olivia Piana (Fanatic)
2. Céline Guesdon
3. Laetitia Isnardon
Congratulations to all winners!