Antoine Delpero from France won the Men’s SUP Surfing Gold Medal!

Antoine Delpero Photo:Piero

Men’s SUP Surfing
Antoine Delpero from France won the Men’s SUP Surfing Gold Medal!
“I don’t realize right now [how it feels to get the win], with the crowd and all, but I feel really good. I think tomorrow I’m going to realize, but we’re going to have a good night tonight,” said Delpero, also appreciative of adding to his medal tally. “It feels so good to have two gold medals with the ISA, it’s always a big pleasure to come with a crew and a team. The support is different than when you go in a competition by yourself, you have really big support, so thanks to the French crew.”
  1. Antoine Delpero (FRA) – Gold
  2. Justin Holland (AUS) – Silver
  3. Sean Poynter (USA) – Bronze
  4. Jackson Close (AUS) – Copper

Women’s SUP Surfing
In the Women’s SUP Surfing Final, 18-year-old American Emmy Merrill from South California ended the event the way she began: sticking to her strategy and overwhelming the competition with the control of her board and the power of her performance. Entering the Final she had won every heat she had surfed in the event, and by 10 minutes into the heat, she had the three other surfers in the combination situation, each requiring two scores to catch her score of 15.94. Merrill held on for the remainder of the heat and won the USA’s second individual Gold Medal.

Emmy Merrill Photo: Michael Tweddle

“Coming into this event, I felt like I didn’t really have a name or expectations because nobody really knew who I was, so it’s great just coming in as the underdog and for people to just think, ‘Oh, who’s that?’” Merrill said. “I’m really honored to be the first [ISA Women’s SUP Surfing Gold Medalist] and to win a medal at such a young age.”

  1. Emmy Merrill (USA) – Gold
  2. Shakira Westdorp (AUS) – Silver
  3. Penny Stemmet (RSA) – Bronze
  4. Brisa Malaga (PER) – Copper
Congratulations to all winners!