The highlight of SUP Racing was on today. The 18km SUP long distance race, 3 laps of 6km in 29°C with another running up the beach finish (The riders however had a feeling this was less than 18km). UPDATED: Full Results&Video

Jamie Mitchell and Travis Grant (both Australia) have been leading most of the race, a few km before the finish Jamie broke away from Travis, winning the Gold Medal on which he missed out yesterday, due to the dropped paddle. Eric Terrien from France came in 3rd with 2 holes in his board (but was glad he only noticed that after the race).

ISA SUP Racing Marathon Men's Winners

Here are the results: (more coming soon!)

1 – Jamie Mitchell (AUS) – Gold
2 – Travis Grant (AUS) – Silver
3 – Eric Terrien (FRA) – Bronze

4- Jay Wild (USA) – Copper


5 – Paul Jackson (NZL)
6 – Luiz Guido (BRA)
7 – Gaetan Sene (FRA)
8 – Rob Rojas (USA)
9 – Belar Diaz (SPA)
10 – Felipe Rodriguez (MEX)
11 – Roman Frejo (SPA)
12 – Chris Bertish (RSA)
13 – Alexander Araujo (BRA)
14 – Mark Slater (GBR)
15 – Gonzalo Miranda (ARG)
16 – Greg Bertish (RSA)
17 – Piero Muscas (ITA)
18 – Jean-Luc Malfroid (SWZ)
19 – John Harvey (GBR)
20 – Jose Schiaffino (PER)
21 – Sebastian Borbero (ARG)
22 – Bruno Garcia (PER)
23 – Gian Paolo Lombardi (CHI)
24 – Robert Etienne (SWZ)
25 – Ed O’Farrell (IRE)
26 – Keith Gorman (IRE)
27 – Carlos Navarro (CHI)
After the race Jamie said: “I wanted to redeem myself from yesterday because I made a few silly mistakes,” said Mitchell, in regard to losing a Gold Medal because he didn’t properly complete the Men’s SUP Technical Race. “But I also needed it personally. I had probably one of the hardest five weeks of my life the last five weeks, a lot of heavy stuff is going down. I needed it, I needed it; so I’m glad I got it.”

Here is what Eric Terrien said after the race. Eric, how was it?

“Really tough race, very warm, very tough, highly competitive race, but it was awesome!”

How is the French Team feeling?

“Very happy! Antoine’s gold, is fanastic, I haven’t spoken to him yet but I am very happy for him! We have a small team but did a really good job!”

What can you tell us about organization of this event?

“The organization was really good, very fun courses, a very well done set-up!”

In the Women’s SUP Marathon, USA’s Brandi Baksic completed the sweep of the SUP races, again winning with minutes between her and the next closest division competitor, Angela van Hoof Jackson.

Here is what Brandi said after the race:
“Well, I’m just super stoked. I would have been mad at myself if I didn’t get the second Gold Medal,” she said. “A couple months ago I thought I was done with racing SUPs. But now I have two Gold Medals and I helped USA win the Silver. It’s a pretty cool feeling.”
Australian Angela van Hoof Jackson won the Silver Medal behind Baksic, her second medal of the event. Here is what Angie told me after the race:

Congrats, Angie on your Silver medal in the long distance race? How was it ?
“The Distance race was HOT!! About 30°C but the sun was out in full force. Total length of 18km. I felt great and it didn’t really feel that hard to be honest but i was glad to get to the finish line.  The course was 3 laps to make a total of 18km, it was good as you could see which guys were leading when they went the other way.”
And now, what are your plans?
“Heading back home now to see what race is next and start training again!! I think BOP Hawaii in May which has been taken over by Quiksilver will be next on my list for this year.”
Thanks, Angie, good luck for that and have a safe trip!
Results Women’s Long Distance Race
1- Brandi Baksic (USA) – Gold

2- Angela van Hoof-Jackson (Australia) – Silver

3- Brigette van Aswegen (RSA) – Bronze

4- Barbara Brasil (BRA) – Copper

5 – Pat Hernandez (SPA)
6 – Edimar Luque (VEN)
7 – Jane Downes (IRE)
8 – Lorena Cemersoni (ARG)
9 – Antonella Podesta (CHI)
The results from the SUP Surfing Final are here.
Women’s Gold Medalist Brandi Baksic in the long distance race