On the weekend of Sept 2nd 2011 the highest SUP Race in Europe took place on beautiful Lake Silvaplana (1815m).

We had driven down to Lenzerheide on Friday where I trained with Guido and Andrea from Bavarian Waters on Heidsee and were joined by Belar Diaz, Vicotr Perez, Roman Frejo and Ruben Salvador – who had driven all the way from Spain – late on Saturday.

While the weather was perfect to train and get used to the altitude (1465m) on Saturday with 25°C,  the weather changed over night and the conditions for the race were less favourable.

We drove the 48km from Lenzerheide to Silvaplana via Julier pass (2284m) on Sunday morning and arrived there with about 30 other riders from Switzerland, Italy (hello Luigo and Meri!) and Germany to register and unload the SUP Boards in heavy rain and temperatures 15 degrees colder than the day before…



We missed the sun, but there was little wind, the lake was flat, and right in time for the 10.00 AM race start (yes, in Switzerland a 10.00 start actually means a 10.00 start ) the rain stopped. There were still dark clouds hanging the lake, but that made the paddle in the amazing scenery even more spectacular.

The course was a round course across the full length and width of the lake, marked by 2 buoys and a few islands that had to be passed from a specified side.

Belar Diaz, raced on the Fanatic Fly Flatwater 14’ for the first time. Being used to the 12’6 Fly race and the heavier 14’ Downwind board, the new 14’ Flatwater gave his performance another boost, he had an amazing start and led the race from start to finish. Fellow  Spaniard Roman Perez only once almost caught up with him, when Belar was unsure about where the next buoy was. Stefan Halden finished 3rd.

Arnd Schaeftlein, a legendary kanu freestyler from Germany won the men’s 12’6 division, Andrea Moracova (Bavarian Waters won the women’s 14’ division and Meri Valentina Gaburri (Italy) the women’s 12’6 division.

Congratulations to all Winners!

Here is an interview with the men’s winner Belar Diaz:


After the race, with some nice price money in our pockets, we first went for a monster pizza and then a Sauna session in the amazing Therme Alvaneu and then rested and relaxed one more day in Lenzerheide before leaving for Eleven City Race in Holland.


14′ men

1) Belar Diaz (Fanatic Fly Race Flatwater)

2) Roman Perez (Coreban Alpha Race)

3) Stefan Haldan

12’6 Men

1) Arnd Schaeftlein (Starboard Ace)

2) Alfredo di Fulvio

3) Luigi Rheghetto (404)

14′ Women

1) Andrea Moravcova (Imagine Carbon Sprinter)

2) Janine Meili (Naish Javelin 14′)

12′ 6 Women

1) Meri Valentina Gaburri (Jimmy Lewis)

2) Petra Offermanns (Fanatic Fly Race Carbon)