Day 2 of the ISA World Stand Up Paddle Championships saw the women’s paddleboard race and the second round of heats of the SUP Surfing Competition in about 3-4ft swell. The waves increased in size throughout the day and the winds remained calm, which led to some high scores in both the Men’s and Women’s heats. Australian Jackson Close and Brazil’s Caio Vaz logged the highest heat totals of the event, 17.33 and 17.17, respectively. Congratulations to all who are still in and reached round 3!

“Today it’s really clean, the waves are coming, and if you get the right ones and don’t fall – that was most important for me – you were going to get a good score,” Vaz said. “Team Brazil has been really good, everybody is clapping, and altogether. Yesterday there were a lot of people, yelling ‘Yeah! Caio! Caio!” I was a little nervous. But today when everyone was yelling, I wasn’t hearing it, I was more focused.”

Finn Mullen, of ever-popular Team Ireland, also advanced through the competition, winning his Repechage heat after losing in the morning to “the best of the best, Colin McPhillips.” Team Ireland has been making friends and making people laugh since they arrived.
Round #3 Men’s SUP Surfing


  • Jackson Close (AUS)
  • Justin Bing (RSA)
  • Antoine Delpero (FRA)
  • Justin Holland (AUS)

Jackson Close, Photo: Michael Tweddle


Justin Bing Photo: Michael Tweddle


Antoine Delpero Photo:Piero

Heat # 2

  • Colin McPhillips (USA)
  • Jose Gomez (PER)
  • Caio Vaz  (BRA)
  • Sean Poynter (USA)

Colin Mc Phillips, Photo: Michael Tweddle


Jose Gomez Photo: Piero


Round#3 Women’s SUP Surfing

  • Emmy Merrill (USA)
  • Brisa Malaga (PER)
  • Shakira Westdorp (AUS)
  • Greta Sisson (BRA)



Men’s Round #3


  • Finn Mullen (IRE)
  • Luis Saraiva (BRA)
  • Pere Sureda (ESP)
  • Ivan Van Vuuren (RSA)
  • Fernando Stalla (MEX)
  • Jim Richardson (GBR)
  • Tamil Martino (PER)
  • Gareth Grant (GBR)


Womens Repercharge Round #3

  • Antonella Podesta (CHI)
  • Black Karina Figl (AUT)


What’s next?
  • Tomorrow, Thursday, more SUP-Surfing Heats, webcast will start at 8.00 AM Peruvian time (13:00 UK, 14:00 CST, 5:00AM PST)
  • Friday: SUP Technical & Team Relay
  • Saturday: SUP Marathon & SUP Surf Semi-Finals & Finals

We are especially looking forward to the long distance race on Saturday! It will be long and hot!


And here are the video Highlights of Day1: