Silvaplana SUP Race 2012

The highest SUP Race in Europe (1850m altitude) took place on "Silsersee" near Silvaplana. The prize money was 2500 Swiss Francs. Here is the report, updated will full results and times.

Different from last year, the riders got really lucky with the weather this year, some were even seen paddling in board shorts. While temperatures were still around freeze on Saturday, with quite a bit of rain in the valley and snow on the mountains, this year the sun came out right in time fort he race start (which the wise organizers had moved back to 11.00AM)  revealing the beautiful snow-covered mountains, a spectacular sight.

Lake Tour/Cruise
57 Paddlers started on Sunday morning to compete in the paddle around Silsersee. The course was around the natural islands as far as possible only at the very start and beginning there were buoys. Fabrizio Gasbarro from Rome, Italy, lead the 12km from start to finish and arrived after 1:10:40, followed by Jean-Luc Malfroid, who had represented Switzerland in the ISA World Championships in Peru and Arnd Dünzinger from Grainau, Germany. The fastest women was Manca Notar from Solvenia, arriving after 1:19:19 followed by Jeanine Meili, Zürich and Petra Offermanns, Germany.
Aside from the 12km race, there also was a 5km lake cruise which Salvatore Calso (IT) and Anina Rüegg (SUI) won and the final of the Naish SUP Tour on Nalu Boards, which Dani Reinhard and Judith Hess won.
Team Sprint Race
After the Long Distance race there was delicious Paella served for the riders and then there was a Team Sprint Relay race, which was great fun after the long, lonely paddle from the morning. There were 7 teams with 4 riders each who had to paddle a 300m course with a 360 degree turn around a bouy as a relay. Different from the long distance race, this was all about sprint power, technical skills and team spirit (ensuring a smooth board handover). 
Team Fanatics won the race before Team 2 Legends by Spinout and Indiana.
1. Fanatics  (Petra Offermanns, Fabrizio Gasbarro, Arnd Dünzinger, Federico Benettolo)
2. Team 2 Legends by Spinout (Dani "Reini" Reinhart, Sarina Hüppi, Jérôme Weder, Raphael Ziegler)
3. Indiana (Esther Studerus, Manu Luck, Stefan Huber, Maurus Strobel)
Sponsors: Windsurfing Silvaplana, GIARDINO Mountain, St. Moritz, Naish, Quicksilver & Roxy
Eventpartner: South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd., Klinik Gut, Graubündner Kantonalbank, Tourismus Restaurant Murtaröl, Gemeinde Sils und Maloja


14" Mens (12km)
1. 01:10:40 Fabrizio Gasbarro (ITA, Fanatic)
2. 01:11:40 Jean-Luc Malfroid (SWI, Nidecker)
3. 01:12:01 Arnd Dünzinger (GER, Nidecker)
4. 01:12:45 Philipp Knecht
5. 01:13:02 Stefan Haldemann
6. 01:14:44 Markus Bögli
7. 01:15:36 Federico Benettolo
8. 01:16:10 Stefano Padouami
9. 01:16:13 Stefan Huber
10. 01:16:27 Manuel Luck
11. 01:18:51 Bruno Walder
12. 01:19:35 Leonardo Toso
13. 01:21:57 Andy Dressler
14. 01:23:03 Jürg Landert
15. 01:23:21 Martin Wäfler
16. 01:27:56 Max Bögli
17. 01:28:36 Luigi Reghitto
18. 01:29:14 Serge Senalada
19. 01:30:56 Andrea Levratto
20. 01:33:57 Alessio Patrone
21. 01:36:41 Paolo Zagarella
14" Women (12km)
1. 01:19:19 Manca Notar (SLO, Naish)
2. 01:28:22 Jeannine Meili (SWI, Fanatic)
3. 01:30:06 Petra Offermanns (GER, Fanatic)
4. 01:37:17 Andrea Moravcova
5. 01:38:26 Elena Ganduglia
6. 01:45:16 Meri Valentina Ciaburri
5km Lake Cruise Herren
1. 38:35:00 Salvatore Calso
2. 40:20:00 Maurus Strobel
3. 42:16:00 Riccardo Benettolo
4. 42:36:00 Jérôme Weder
5. 44:09:00 Paolo Benettolo
6. 44:42:00 Steven Missiaen
7. 45:28:00 Müller Raphael
8. 49:44:00 Thomas Braun
5km Lake Cruise Damen
1. 51:14:00 Anina Rüegg
2. 54:05:00 Pascale Berthod
3. 54:58:00 Monica Zubler
4. 56:35:00 Katrin Birchler
5. 59:58:00 Angie Nussbaum
1. 01:19:51 Dani Reinhart
2. 01:25:41 Peter Tritten
3. 01:27:34 Alfredo Di Fulvio
4. 01:28:54 Johann Ambauen
5. 01:29:27 Raphael Ziegler
6. 01:29:50 Karl Müller
7. 01:30:11 Andrea De Camilli
8. 01:36:18 Noldi Missiaen
9. 01:39:32 Fulvio Stropeni
10. 01:50:03 Daniel Mahler
1. 01:41:20 Judith Hess
2. 01:43:36 Esther Studerus
3. 01:49:17 Monika Tschenett
4. 01:50:01 Helen Nossung
More Photos will go up here soon.