On the schedule for the today were the Mens Technical SUP-Race. A 4.5km, BOP style course. The weather was sunny, up to 27°C, light onshore wind and the waves 3-4ft. Here are the results of the Men’s Heats#1 and #2. Here are the first results, congratulations to those, who made it to the final (around 15:00 Local time, most likely a bit delayed) UPDATE: List of Finalists at end of article!

1-Travis Grant (AUS)
2-Matt Becker (USA)
3-Gaetan Sene (FRA)
4-Luiz Guido (BRA)
5-Hector Gonzales (MEX)
6-Greg Bertish (RSA)
7-Roman Frejo (ESP)
8-John Harvey (GBR)
9-Gonzalo Miranda (ARG)
10-Jean-Luc Maffroid (SWI)
11-Jose Gomez (PER)
12-Ed O’Farrell (IRE)
13-Carlos Navarro (CHI)
14-Giovani Benitez (VEN)

HEAT #2: 

Jamie Mitchell took the lead, but then fell and lost the paddle when Paul Jackson passed him, catching an awesome wave, he was then 7th but fought hard to come back, passing Eric Terrien shortly before finish.

1-Paul Jackson (NZ)
2-Jamie Mitchell (AUS)
3-Eric Terrien (FRA)
4-Felipe Rodriguez (MEX)
5-Jay Wild (USA)
6-Chris Bertish (RSA)
7-Tamil Martino (PER)
8-Steeve Fleury (SWI)
9-Mark Slater (GBR)
10-Pietro Muscas (ITA)
11-Belar Diaz (ESP)
12-Sebastian Borbero (ARG)
13-Gian Paolo Lombardi (CHI)
14-Alexandre Araujo (BRA)
15-Dave Owens (IRL)

These Riders made it to the final!

Paul Jackson (NZ)
Travis Grant (AUS)
Jamie Mitchell (AUS)
Matt Becker (USA)
Jay Wild (USA)
Eric Terrien (FRA)
Gaetan Sene (FRA)
Luiz Guido (BRA)
Hector Gonzales (MEX)
Felipe Rodriguez (MEX)
Greg Bertish (RSA)
Chris Bertish (RSA)
Roman Frejo (ESP)
Tamil Martino (PER)
Steeve Fleury (SWI)
Mark Slater (GBR)
Pietro Muscas (ITA)
Belar Diaz (ESP)
John Harvey (GBR)
Gonzalo Miranda (ARG)
Jean-luc Malfroid (SWI)
Jose Gomez (PER)
Ed O’Farrell (IRL)