The ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championships are over. What an amazing week! Nobody quite knew to expect from this inaugural even, but as the teams arrived in Lima, the enthusiasm was obvious and contagious. I think this event really helped our sport a lot. Maybe we’ll be in the Olympics in 2020? Thanks to all the athletes who traveled all the way out there and made it so special.

Watch the video with the highlights of the final day and hear what the winners said after the race:

Highlights of the Final Day in Peru:

Jamie Mitchell, Gold Medalist SUP Long Distance Race

Full report from long distance race is here.

Emmy Merrill, Gold Medalist SUP Surfing


Antoine Delpero (France), Gold Medalist SUP Surfing


“I’m sure that some people are wondering ‘Why didn’t we go?’ Don’t worry, don’t feel bad, we’ll be here or some other place next year, because this event if going to happen every year, with the support of the SUPers and the paddlers around the world,” President Aguerre said at the Closing Ceremony. “We are here to stay and to share the Olympic and the Aloha spirit. The ISA has a dream: to promote and take our wave-riding sports around the world and every day we work for it. Thank you for your help and we will see you next year. Gracias.”

Thanks to the ISA and all the athletes for amazing event! Looking forward to next year!

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