On Saturday, the final race of the NP SUP Bavarian 4 Lake Trophy took place: the Chiemsee Marathon. Different from last year, where the weather was 3°C and snow/rain, the lake showed itself at its best to the 55 Stand Up Paddlers. Cloudless sky, the beautiful mountain backdrop not hidden in fog for a change, reasonably warm at 18°C and some nice wind of 15-30km further out on the lake.

It was a 13km course (that turned out to be a bit shorter, about 11-12km, depending on what route was chosen), circumnavigating the 2 islands Krautinsel (don’t get me started on Krauts…) and Herreninsel of Bavarian’s biggest Lake, Chiemsee (80 square kilometers). Different from last year, the course was counter clock-wise. The race started in flat water with a bit of downwind towards Krautinsel, then came passages of side-wind around Herreninsel and from there some headwind back to the shore.

Peter Bartl from Graz, Austria, won the men’s race, despite briefly getting lost trying to find the way, before Normen Weber and German Champion Moritz Martin. Leo Bolg came in 4th, winning the U18 division, Olaf Schwarz 5th and Arnd Dünzinger, still a bit jet-lagged and battered from his trip to Battle of the Paddle fnished 6th.

For the Ladies, Manca Notar from Slovenia came in 1st before  Melanie Brandstätter (Austria) and Beate Bolg (Germany), securing her 10th consecutive win. Unsuprisingly, this also meant that Peter and Manca were the overall winners of the 4 Lake Trophy (all races combined), winning some more prize money.

In the 12’6″ division, Rok Puvar from Slovenia came in 1st before Samo Laharnar (SLO) and Michael Capizzi (GER)

Men’s TOP 20

  • #1 Peter Bartl (AUT), Mistral, 1:14:27
  • #2 Normen Weber (GER) TR Paddleboard, 1:16:18
  • #3 Moritz Martin (GER), Starboard, 1:16:25
  • #4 Leo Bolg (GER), Starboard (U18)
  • #5 Olaf Schwarz (GER), Naish
  • #6 Arnd Dünzinger (GER), Nidecker
  • #7 Alfons Kristan (AUT), Fanatic
  • #8 Herbert Ruckendorfer (AUT), Starboard
  • #9 Richard Gratzei (AUT), Fanatic
  • #10 Dirck Bickert (GER), Starboard
  • #11 Jörg Fluck (GER), Mistral
  • #12 Mchael Frosch (GER), Jimmy Lewis
  • #13 Robert Voigt (GER), Starboard
  • #14 Rok Puvar (SLO), Nidecker, 12’6″
  • #15 Jörg Poppen (GER), Starboard
  • #16 Ole Schwarz (GER) Naish (U18)
  • #17 Andy Dressler (GER), Tahoe
  • #18 Samo Laharnar (SLO), F-one, 12’6″
  • #19 Michael Brauch (GER), Naish
  • #20 Mchael Capizzi (GER), Mistral, 12’6″

Women’s TOP 10:

  • #1 Manca Notar (SLO), Naish, 1:25:14 (U18)
  • #2 Melanie Brandsätter (AUT), Starboard, 1:27:42
  • #3 Beate Bold (GER), Starboard, 1:30:42
  • #4 Sigrid Baumgartner (AUT), Starboard
  • #5 Petra Offermanns (GER), Fanatic
  • #6 Carola Kippenberger (GER), Starboard
  • #7 Martina Lypp (GER), Mistral
  • #8 Pascale Böhm (GER), Imagine
  • #9 Kanjanwadee Fluck (GER), Mistral
  • #10 Mima Divljak (GER), Naish

Men’s 12’6″ Winners

  • #1 Rok Puvar (SLO), Nidecker, 1:23:22
  • #2 Samo Laharnar (SLO), F-one, 1:26:13
  • #3 Michael Capizzi (GER), Mistral, 1:27:14 (3rd price was given to Carsten Kurmis in error in prize giving)

Congratulations to all the winners and big thanks to Alois Mühlegger for the as always seamless organization. After the prize giving he briefly shocked the audience by saying there will not be a 4 Lake Trophy next year, only to clarify, it will come the German SUP Trophy, with 10 or more race all around Germany. Looking forward to 2013!

More photos are here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.439933139386106.95578.163985233647566&type=1