Last weekend the first race of the German SUP Challenge took place on the beautiful Northern Sea Island Sylt. There was a nice swell with up to 3 meter high waves, so before and after the racing the riders enjoyed some great surf. Windsurf Pro Paulo Dos Reis won the competition followed by Andreas Wolter (both Fanatic). Valentin Brault finished 3rd (Mistral). 

Here are the full results. Congratulations to all winners!

Race 14.0 Men
1. Paulo DOS Reis (Fantaic Fly Race Carbon)
2. Andreas Wolter (Fantaic Fly Race Carbon)
3. Valentin Brault (Mistral M1 Race)
Race 12.6 Men
1. Wilhelm Schormann (Fantaic Fly Race Carbon)
2. André Zeglin (Naish Glide Catalina 12.6)
3. Christian Hahn (Naish Glide Javelin 12.6)
Fitness Class Men
1. Andreas Wolter (Fanatic Fly HRS)
2. Kai Nicolas Steimer (Mistral Allround 11.9)
3. Jan Moritz Bochnia (Starboard Blend 11.2)
Race Class Women
1. Corinna Hahn (Fantaic Fly Race Carbon)
Fitness Class Woman
1. Nina Michaelis (BIC Ace Tec 10.6)
2. Gülser Dönen (BIC Ace Tec 10.6 Wahine)
3. Anna Müller (BIC Ace Tec 11.6)

German SUP Challenge 2012

more dates:

16.6.2012 Boltenhagen

07.07.2012 Warnemünde

11.08.2012 Berlin, Germany’s sizzling capital city+

08.09.2012 Pelzerhaken.

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