While the whole world was watching Peru (and Mark Slater, Gareth Grant and John Harvey were racing there), the remaining UK hardcore paddles arrived in Bournemouth on 8:30 AM this Saturday to compete in the 3rd frostbite Race…..here is the report & Interview with Ryan James.

Ryan James, who also won Race#2 again took the win in this weekends Race, followed by Pete Holliday and James Hardy. We briefly spoke with him after the race.

Ryan James wins Frostbite SUP Race No.3: Pic: John Parker Photography

Congrats, Ryan on winning frostbite race #3, How was it? Not too frosty this time, no?
The event has been organised with and by Bournemouth University and BaySUP and this was the last event in the series so a champagne race, which meant all the podium positions received Champagne. I missed the 1st event as I was away training in France but back for the 2nd and 3rd events I am racing all the UK events 12’6 this year with the intention of winning overall and class so it’s great to be pushed hard all the way by the 14’s and unlimited. this makes racing a lot harder, but that’s what I need and like. The race with Mark in 2 was tough as he was with me all the way and race 3 wasn’t any different. I raced an old Starboard 12’6 Ace which is my flat water training board, super unstable but helps me with balance and board skills especially at starts when the water is like a washing machine. The start was tricky and fast and I was lying 3rd for the 1st km and manage to get past Pete Holliday and Steve West and start working on the race from the front. The course was more technical for race 3 with more bouy turns so I went into the bouys hard and sprinted out which started to stretch the elastic from myself and Pete. By the start of the second lap the elastic had snapped and I had a comfortable minute of the field so I could relax into a rythym.
Speaking of frost? How do you train in winter when it’s really cold?
Ha ha, well they make the Paddlers hard in the UK because of the weather! So i make sure that I am out in all weather Snow , wind and rain. I know when it gets hard in races and everyone is suffering I know I’ve had it harder. I’m out training every day on flat rivers and open ocean, I’m really lucky where I live as there’s always somewhere where I can paddle and the rivers are well lit for night paddle training.
Cool, yes, I also train a lot at night on the canal. It’s great, there is so much light! So, what’s next? What are your plans? Which races are next?
My plans for this year are to do a lot more racing in Europe, 1 race a month if i can, I will try and make it to Maui for the triple crown, BOP California, and off course making my way back for more torture at the 11 cities tour.
Great to hear that, yes, that was a tough race, awesome performance, coming in second so closely behind Bart…..that calls for revenge…anything else?
Just want to say thank you to my sponsors Starboard international, ZRE Paddles, The SUP Store, Black Project Fins, Finnisterre Riz boardshorts and Curve which make it possible for me to race and train hard every year
Thanks, James and see you soon at the Euro Races!
12’6 CLASS 
  1. Ryan James 51.12
  2. Pete Holliday 51.38
  3. James Hardy 55.13
  4. Andy Joyce 55.51
  5. Sam Ross 56.47
  6. James Foad 57.09 (Vet)
  7. Colin Elston 57.24
  8. Zac Wharton 57.30
  9. Peter Vale 57.40
  10. Boyd Shaw 01:00.2
  11. Adam Stiling 01:02.0
  12. Andy Piertse 01:03.6
  13. Mark D’Silva 01:04.2
  14. Pete Morris 01:05.2
  15. Geoff Catford 01:07.6
  16. Joanne Hamilton-Vale 01:15.2
  17. Sandra Elston 01:27.1
  18. Nicholas Cattano DNF
  19. Jon Parker DNFU
Matt French 53.38
14ft CLASS 
Steve West 54.39
Marco Amat 58.20
Report from Frostbite Race #2
The next Frostbite Race will be on March 18th.
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