On Saturday, the first race with price money in the German season took place on cold (9°C) and rainy Ammersee.

It consisted of a short sprint race in knock-out format with a turn around one buoy on Funboards and a “long distance” race of 4.8km with 3×180° turns around bouys. The combined rankings determined the overall winners who received the price money. The full report in German can be found here.

Here are the full results.

Of special note is the performance of Arnd Dünzinger (Grainau, Germany) who beat the Kayak World Champion Normen Weber, winning the long distance. Stefan Gölnitz finished 3rd.

Arnd is lesser known in a SUP Racing scene. Who is he? He lives on 760m altitude in Grainau at beautiful Eibsee. He is a great guy and kindly took mine and Belar’s board to Paris Race. He always paddles in boardshorts and barfoot even in 6°C, as on our recent Staffelsee paddle (above pic that was taken on Eibsee in November in 10°C). He runs his own bakery and is father of triplets, so he has not been to many international races, but he logs a lot of distance on the Bavarian Lakes, circling Lake Starnberg (about 45km) is his standard workout.

  • First day on a SUP: Sept 09 on a NSP 11.4 board
  • Best day on SUP: EVERY DAY !!!
  • Favourite spot: Staffelsee / Eibsee Bavaria
  • Sponsor: sup shop/ island dreams
  • What else: Smile – and the world changes (Buddha)


For the ladies long distance, German Champion Champion Sonja Duschek won before Manca Notar and Austrian Champion Sigrid Baumgartner. Well done, ladies! Of special note is the amazing performance of Manca Notar, who is only 15 years old. we briefly spoke with her after the race…

Hi Manca, congratulations on your 2nd place, awesome performance, for those, who don’t know you, tell us about yourself!

“I am Manca Notar and I live in Slovenia. I am 15 years old. I have been involved with water and snow sports since I was seven years old. I do windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP and skiing in deep powder. I enjoy windsurfing on waves the most, but I can also say that I really like kitesurfing with wave board. When there is no wind and especially in the moments when I want to relax and disconnect from all things I use SUP. SUP is also the youngest sport in my list. I started SUP 2 years ago. From the beginning of this year I became a Naish team rider promoting all 3 sports among my peers. ”

How did the race go for you?

“First race of 4 Lake Trophy on Ammersee was fun and challenging for me. The conditions were not so good but if we can ski in deep powder at -15°C we can also SUP at 9°C and at some rain, no? I have to admit that organization of the race was well done. I am looking forward to attend the next 4 Lake Trophy race. I wish that all competitors would respect the SUP also when we compete.”


Sprint Race Results:

Overall winners:


  • 1) Normen Weber (TR Australia)
  • 2) Arnd Dünzinger (Nidecker)
  • 3) Stefan Gölnitz (JP Australia)


  • 1) Sonja Duschek (JP Australia)
  • 2) Manca Notar (Naish)
  • 3) Sigrid Baumgartner (Starboard)

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to Alois Mühlegger for the perfect organization.

There will be 3 more races of the 4 Lake Trophy Series:

Want to improve your racing skills?

On June 6th, the day before the Seehof CUP World Champion Chase Kosterlitz will give a SUP Race Clinic.

The 4 Lake Tropy Event Website with the overall rankings can be found here: www.sup-special.de