The SUP 11-city Tour over a total distance of 220km is one of the longest and most demanding SUP Races. It took place this year from Sept 7-11 in 5 stages in 5 days. It is a journey, an ultimate challenge through 11 authentic villages of Friesland (the northern province of the Netherlands). The tour is along the original waterways where ice skaters created this historical tour 101 years ago.

Re-live the 2011 Tour day by day in video:

Day 1: Headwind, Headwind, Headwind

Leeuwarden-Sloten with Stamp Collection in Sneek & Ijist, 45km

Video (not working in Germany)

Day2:  3 Crazy Lakes Day

Sloten-Wokum with stamp collection Stavoren and Hindelopen, 43km

Day3: Gras, gras, gras, sheep, sheep, cow.

Workum to Franeker with Stamp Collection in Bolsward and Harlingen, 44km

Day 4: Dead fish creek  and weed on the fin day

Franeker – Dokkum: 45km

Day5: The final day. And it’s not getting easier. Crazy headwind and upstream paddling.

Dokkum-Leeuwarden: 31km

Next year’s Date has been set: Eleven City 2012 will take place from September 5-9.

More pics from the 2011 tour are here: