Today the first race of the German NP SUP Trophy takes place at Ammersee in Bavaria. The Trophy is much bigger this year, with 10 races, new are also the board classes (12’6″ for women and 12’6″ and 14′ for the men).


The 2012 NP SUP 4 lake trophy was a huge success, overall 236 Racers took place in the 4 Races, the only ones with price money in Germany. The organizers Active moving Event Plus and Alois Mühlegger have just announced the 2013 race schedule. Aside from 4 races in Bavaria, there will be 2 events in the East, 2 in the North and 2 in the West. Many of the events will now be 2-day events, with Sprint Races on day1 and the long distance on day 2, this will give more time for demos as well.
Board Classes:
  • The sprint races will be on Inflatable SUPs (Aquaglide, JP Australia, Mistal, Naish, Starboard and RRD). Classes are men’s, women’s, u16, u10 and u12
  • The board class for women’s and U16 Long Distance will be 12’6″. There will be prize money for the ladies
  • For the men’s Long Distance, there will be 2 classes with seperate rankings: 12’6″ and 14′ both with prize money.
The overall rankings of the NP German SUP Trophy will determine who will be invited to the German Indoor Championships 2014 (best 4 Long Distance, best 3 Sprint)
Preliminary Schedule:
4.5.   (SAT) SUP Steinlechner-Cup/Utting, Ammersee (Test/Clinic/Sprint&Long Distance Race)
12.5. (SUN) SUP Beach Race/surf-Festival, Ostsee
19.5. (SUN) SUP Sunday/Wustrow, Ostsee (Sprint Race/Beach Race)
20.5. (MON) SUP Monday/Wustrow, Ostsee (Test/Clinic/Tour)
22.6. (SAT) boot SUP Cup Unterbacher See/Düsseldorf (Test/Clinic/Sprint Race)
23.6. (SUN) boot SUP Cup Unterbacher See/Düsseldorf (Test/Clinic/Long  Distance)
29.6. (SAT) 3. Nalani Müggelsee SUP Race/Berlin (Test/Clinic/Sprint Race)
30.6. (SUN) 3. Nalani Müggelsee SUP Race/Berlin (Test/Clinic /Long Distance)
3.8.   (SAT) Hamburger SUP Contest/Oortkatensee (Test/Clinic/Sprint Race)
4.8.   (SUN) Hamburger SUP Contest/Oortkatensee (Test/Clinic/Long Distance)
10.8. (SAT) SUP Terrassenhof-Cup/Bad Wiessee, Tegernsee (Test/Clinic/Tour/Sprint Race)
11.8. (SUN)SUP Terrassenhof-Cup/Bad Wiessee, Tegernsee (Test/Clinic/Tour/Long Distance)
21.9. (SAT) SUP Nordbad Contest/Tutzing, Starnberger See (Test/Sprint Race/Long Distance)
6.9. (SAT) SUP Festival Kemnade (Test/Clinic/Sprint)
7.9. (SUN) SUP Festivak Kemnade (Test/Clinic/Long Distance)
5.10. (SAT) SUP Chiemsee Insel-Marathon (Test/Clinic/ Long Distance)
Overview: all dates/races:

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