This weekend the King and Princess Race took place on the Olympic Canal near Barcelona. In theory it was a smaller race, part of the qualifying of the Spanish Championships, but the fact that the Stand Up World Series Event in the Philippines was cancelled, meant that some high profile riders including Eric Terrien made an appearance.

Eric Terrien once more proved he is Europe’s undisputed number one, winning on both Sprint and Long Distance. For the women’s Laura Quetglas, winner of the recent 25k Mallorca Race became the Princess of the Canal.

Sprint (500 meters):

  • #1 Eric Terrien (BIC)
  • #2 Roman Frejo (Starboard)
  • #3 Belar Diaz (Fanatic)

Long distance (9 km):

  • #1 Eric Terrien (BIC)
  • #2 Edward Garcia
  • #3 Belar Diaz (Fanatic)

Princess race:

  • #1 Laura Garcia Quetglas
  • #2 Monica Garcia Fuster
  • #3 Carolina Ziegler

Thanks to uiimohani for the pics!

Here is a video of the location where the race took place!

Event Website:

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