Die German SUP Challenge is celebrating it’s 5th birthday in 2014 and returns with new, stunning ocean locations.

Race Formats:

Beach Race:
Short Races close to shore, 10-12 Minutes in elimination heats. Start and finish on the beach.
Long Distance 14′:
Long Distance Elite Races with 8-12km, either downwinders or courses around buoys.
Wave Event:
Heats of 20mins to show off SUP wave skills.
Prize Money: 1000 EUR per Event
Elite Man
1st: 350.- Euro
2nd:175.- Euro
3rd:75.- Euro
Elite Woman
1st: 225.- Euro
2nd: 100.- Euro
3rd: 75.- Euro
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More 2014 races are here. Your event is missing? Email us the information: info (at) sup-guide.com. Thanks!