After the success and great fun at the Indoor Races in Paris and London (see videos below) there will also be one in Germany at Boot Düsseldorf. The prize money will be 2000 EURO.  UPDATED INFO AND LIST OF STARTERS

Location: Boot Düsseldorf, Halle 1, Wasserbecken

26. January 2013
Ladies: 10:30 – 11:30 Uhr
Gentss: 13:00 – 13:30 Uhr
Sprint Race on Inflatable SUPs, heats of 2 in knock-out format.
Aquaglide Cascade Touring, Mistral M1 Race, Naish One, Starboard Astro Touring
Check out this video from the Paris Race:

Invitational Race for the best German Riders (16 men, 4 women). Invitations and Wild Cards will be given out based on results at German SUP Challenge, 4 Lake Trophy and German Championships Cologne. To our knowledge, so far the following riders have been invited.
  • Beate Bolg (2nd German Ranking NP 4-Seen-Trophy)
  • Sonja Duschek (DWV Deutsche Meisterin Sprint/Long Distance, 1st German Rankings NP 4-Seen-Trophy)
  • Petra Offermanns (3rd German RankingsDeutsche Rangliste NP 4-Seen-Trophy, 2nd German Champs Sprint)
  • Noelani Sach (1st Rankings Race 12’6’’ German SUP Challenge)
  • Leo Bolg (5th German Rankings NP 4-Seen-Trophy)
  • Arnd Dünzinger (3rd German Rankings NP 4-Seen-Trophy)
  • Stephan Gölnitz (4th German Rankings NP 4-Seen-Trophy)
  • Christian Hahn (1st Rankings Race 12’6’’ German SUP Challenge)
  • Moritz Martin (DWV Deutscher Meister Sprint/Long Distance)
  • Moritz Mauch (DWV Deutscher Meister Wave)
  • Carsten Kurmis (6th German Rankings NP 4-Seen-Trophy)
  • Guido Meier (7th German Rankings NP 4-Seen-Trophy)
  • Frithjof Sach (2nd Rankings Race 14’0’’ German SUP Challenge)
  • Olaf Schwarz (DWV Deutscher Vize-Meister Sprint/Long Distance)
  • Kai-Nicolas Steimer (3rd Rankings Race 14’0’’ German SUP Challenge)
  • Stephan Stiefenhöfer (Winner Starboard Pro Long Distance Fehmarn)
  • Normen Weber (1st German Rankings NP 4-Seen-Trophy)
  • Andreas Wolter (1st Rankings 14’0’’ Race German SUP Challenge)
2 more wildcards will be issued on site
Price Money:
Women 1st 300 Euro, 2nd Platz 200 Euro
Men: 1st 700 Euro, 2nd Platz 500 Euro, 3rd 300 Euro,
Active Moving EventPlus (Alois Mühlegger)
boot Düsseldorf German Indoor SUP Championships
And here is another fun video from the London Indoor SUP Race:

Full event details (in German):