“Garbi” in Euskera, the Basque Language means: Clean ; ”Ibai“= River  and “Bai” = Yes. GARBIBAI URUMEA GONDOLIN RACE is the first stand up paddle race in the world where people will clean as fast as they can the Urumea river.

This race organized by Gondolin Klub has the support from C4Waterman, Surfrider Foundation, San Sebastian 2016, Stand Up Stand Up Journal and  Stand Up Latino. SUP Team Race that leaving the bridge 5th bridge of San Sebastián and reaching Martutene, seeks to collect as much plastic waste as quickly as possible.
We pursue several objectives:
  • Promote the sport of SUP, accessible to all ages and adaptable to different aquatic environments.
  • Claiming the river Urumea as a natural area, rich and diverse that can be enjoyed in different ways while respected and cared.
  • Prioritize ecologically sensitivity and sustainable actions in the sense that all human activity affecting nature is not only damaging, and may also work on its improvement.
  • Promoting a playful encounter between people who love sports and nature from different places and cultures, in which competition is not a mail goal but a way to inter relate positively.
  • May 13, 2012.
  • Log Time 9.00.
  • Race start 10.30
  • Time limit to complete the race 12.30
  • Urumea River, Donostia/San Sebastian Basque Country.
        Beginning : 5th Bridge.
        Finishing   : Martutene.
  • By teams: 5 participants per club. If more each club may have two teams. Or ask          us how to proceed via email: info@gondolingipuzkoa.com
  • Each club/team have to coordinate the arrival at 9am to the 5º bridge. All the equipment has to be deposited there. After that the participants will drive up the river to the end of the race parking. Dress themselves for the race and will be taken back to the beggining of the race by a bus of the organization.
  • Once finished the race, the participants will have a dressing room and showers very close to the finish line.
  • How → Participating conditions
  • 5 participants  per team. Or ask how to organization info@gondolingipuzkoa.com
Each member has to pick up at least 3 plastic ítems from the river. The team will be disqualified if each of them do not pick at least 3 items. Each extra piece of plastic will give 5 extra points to the team. Each team will choose a leader who will paddle 7,5 Km. More tan the other 4 team members. The first in arriving to the finish line will get 20 extra points, 2ª 15p.; 3º 10 points and 4º will get 5 points. So that´s two races at the same time. The leaders will paddle 13Km  and the rest of the team 5,5Km. As arriving to finish line the pieces of plastic will be counted. Once the last participant has arrived. All garbage bags will be weighted. The most heavy collection of plastic recollected will get an extra 50 bonus points. The biggest plastic object will also get another extra 25 bonus points. The team that has recollected more pastic ítems will get also 30 points.
Each participating team will provide a present to the competition. Because we want to mix people cultures and geographies is a good idea that each club bring some of their most popular souvenirs as their “LOCAL AWARD”..The organization and their sponsors will provide a souvenir to all participants, and all participants will be invited to a popular meal after the race . Gondolin Klub will provide a special 1st Price consiting in a watercolor painting specially created for this event by Iñaki Pardos, a Navarran artist, member of Gondolin Klub.
  • On may 4th. we will upload all the relation of team participants and awards in our website: gondolingipuzkoa.com . Last date of registration: Wednesday May 2nd.
  • Registration and participation quote: 20 € for each participant. This includes: Inscription, insurance for the race, transport, souvenir for all participants and lunch.
  • The raised money will be used as a collaboration with Gondolin


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