Mr. Endurance Bart de Zwart again won the Muskoka River X Race. Here is what he said right after his victory:

1St Place in the Muskoka River X

After 32hrs and 42 min. in another tough 220km race. A race with the elements. Thick Fog then later hot and sunny on the first day and windy and down pour on the second day. This race is like no other because of the roughly 30 portages running around waterfall and rapids through the forest with your bag pack and board on your shoulder. This year we had portages ranging from 100 meters to 4 km. What made this race for the Sups a lot tougher this year was the 5hr head wind on the lake of bays, with the 90km of the day before still hurting

Congratulations, Bart! Read all about the race in his interview after last year’s race here