From May to August there will be SUP races in each federal state of Austria, organized by ASUPA. There will be short and long distances races, fun races and free SUP rental. The first event of the series took place yesterday.

It was a 1km Sprint race in knock-out format, quite a long distance for sprint, given the finalists had to paddle it 5 times. This was followed by a 8km long distance race. Local Bernhard Seidl, won the sprint final, followed by Thomas Gundendorfer and Carsten Kurmis from Munich.


Roman Frühwald  – pictured above – did not compete in the Sprint race as he was working at the Naish booth, but won the long distance race, a triangular course around 3 buoys (1km), which had to be paddled 8x before Christian Moutsakos and Guido Meier.

For the ladies the ranking was the same for Sprint and Long Distance Ulla Waldhuber won Andrea Moravcova finished 2nd and  Petra Offermanns 3rd.

Long Distance Men:

  • 1. Roman Frühwald (00:57:52), Naish
  • 2. Christian Moutsakos (00:58:05), Starboard
  • 3. Guido Meier (00:59:00), JP Australia
  • 4. Salmhofer (00:59:30)

Long Distance Women:

  • 1. Ulla Waldhuber (01:04:34)
  • 2. Andrea Moravcova (01:08:26), Starboard
  • 3. Petra Offermanns (01:09:58), Fanatic
  • 4. Platz: Landbrandtner (01:23:57)

Salzburger Landesmeister:  Berni Seidl (Short DIstance) / Peter Weissenböck  Longdistance Race (8km)!!!


All in all a perfectly organized event, thanks to Mario and Philip /! More pics are here: 

More Dates:

26. May 2012 Burgenland  – Neusiedler See beim Naish SUP Center im Seepark in Weiden

02. & 03. Juni 2012 Wien – Alte Donau Naish SUP Center im Gänsehäufelbad

16. June 2012 Niederösterreich – Viehofner See in St. Pölten at Seedose

23. June 2012 Oberösterreich – Wolfgangsee St. Wolfgang at Seecamping Appersbach presented by SUP Center Salzkammergut

30. June 2012 Kärnten – Wörthersee presented by IRONMAN Austria

14. June 2012 Niederösterreich – Krems an der Donau presented by SUP Center Kanu Wachau

21. July 2012 Burgenland – Neusiedler See in Podersdorf am Nordstrand presented by Mission to Surf

18. August 2012 Vorarlberg – Bodensee Bregenzer Strandbad


Further Info and Registration: