2013 is going to be a busy year….Here is a first overview of the SUP Races, with focus on Europe (plus the Stand Up World Series), with more event info to follow. Your event is missing? Send us the info to info(at)sup-guide.com UPDATED WITH MANY NEW RACES!


01/26/2013 (DE) German Indoor Championships

02/17/2013 (FR) Howzit Cold Water Race, France : Beach Race *
04/13/2013 (BRA) Ubatuba Pro, Brazil, Stand Up World Series
04/13/2013 (PR) Rincon Beach Boy SUP Race Puerto Rico, 15.000 US$ Prize Money
06/01/2013 (DE) SUP Mainz Naish N1SCO SUP Race
06/07/2013 (ES) Bikingo Eguna, Spain (Eurosupa, tbc)
06/08/2013 (AT) SUP Race Klausstausee near Kirchdorf
06/09/2013 (CH) Longdistance Schwarzsee, Side Cut
06/15/2013 (ES) III DEEP SUP Race, Villa De Noja, Spain: Beach Race (**) and Long Distance Elite 12’6 race (*)
06/16/2013 (CH) Longdistance Lago Maggiore, durch Toucanclub
06/23/2013 (IT) Ligurian SUP Trophy (Ge Nervi, Long Distance)
06/29/2013 (FR) Massilia SUP Race, Eurosupa, Stars (tbc)
06/07/2013 (IT) SUP Cup Beach Race, San Cataldo, Italy (3-star Eurosupa Beach Race)
07/07/2013 (IT) Surfin’ Venice
07/06/2013 (CH) Schweizer Meisterschaft, Cran-pres-Celigny, Genfersee
07/07/2013 (CH) FOOLMOON SUP Classic, Cran-prese Celigny, Genfersee
07/14/2013 (CH) Longdistance Préverenges, durch Surf Shop
07/14/2013 (BE) Battle of the Fastest, Brugge, N1SCO Race
07/21/2013 (US) Maui Paddle Challenge, Stand Up World Series *****
07/21/2013 (IT) Ligurian SUP Trophy C.SO Italia Match Racs Naish
07/26/2013 (IT) Italia Surf Expo, Italy : Eurosupa Beach Race (Stars tbc)
07/26/2013 (DE) Superflavour German SUP Challenge Fehmarn
08/04/2013 (CH) Longdistance Davosersee, durch Davossurf
08/18/2013 (NL) Battle of the fastest, N1SCO and Long Distance Race, Zwolle (new date!)
08/18/2013 (IT) Ligurian SUP Trophy Ge Nervi, Slalom
08/18/2013 (CH) Seeüberquerung Luzern, Surfcorner
08/22/2013 (BE) Battle of the Fastest, Downwind Run, Blankenberge,Belgium
08/24/2013 (DE) Landesmeisterschaft Rheinland-Pfalz, Koblenz
08/24/2013 (DE) Superflavour German SUP Challenge Köln, Deutsche Meisterschaft DKV
08/24/2013 (US) Chicago World Paddle Challenge, Stand Up World Series *****
08/26/2013 (FR) Howzit Summer Beach Race, France : Beach Race 1 star
08/30/2013 (AT) Austrian Championships
08/31/2013 (ES) 1st Wolder SUP-RACE AYTO. De Suances, Cantabria, Spain: Long Distance Elite 12’6 (1-star) and Beach Race (2-star)
09/01/2013 (CH) Silvaplana SUP Race
09/04/2013 (NL) Eleven City Tour
09/06/2013 (CN) Stand Up World Series, China *****
09/07/2013 (CH) AEK Event Thun, Heavy Duty
09/08/2013 (CH) Longdistance Bodensee, Boarderhouse
09/08/2013 (IT) Ligurian SUP Tophy C.SO Italia, Finale
09/14/2013 (CH) Eielen Cup, Walchwil
09/20/2013 (IT) Rome Event One, Italy : Beach Race (date and stars tbc)
09/21/2013 (DE) SUP Nordbad Contest/Tutzing, Starnberger See (Test/Sprint Race/Long Distance)
09/21/2013 (NL) Battle of the fastest, N!SCO and Long Distance Race, Groningen
09/21/2013 (US) So. Cal Pro, Stand Up World Series *****
09/29/2013 (CH) Longdistance Ägerisee, durch SUPacademy
11/11/2013 (US) Turtle Bay Finals, Hawaii, Stand Up World Series *****