2011 was a good year (click to read the 2011 hightlights story). 2012 will be even better. The first SUP Events 2012 are online here.

Focus of this site are the European Events and Races plus the top international ones.  More events will go online soon! Are you organizing another event? Email us the info: info(at)sup-guide.com.

Cu on the water!

When submitting events, please provide the following info:


1) What is the name of the event?

2) When is it?

3) Where is the event (please give street address for Navigation System)

4) What is the nearest airport?

5) What is the entrance fee ?

6) What are the prizes, what is the price money, which rankings does it count for ?

7) What are the race classes (men/women/board length)

8) What is the race distance?

9) where can you stay, is there a campground nearby?

10) What is the event schedule?

11) Would you have some photos (minimum resolution 630×250)