High Tide 25K SUP Paddle Race, Haarlem

The race was originally planned for June 19th but was cancelled due to bad weather. It is now definitely on this weekend!

Hightide 25 K Paddle Race – 1* EUROSUPA RACE

Haarlem, Netherlands


Notice of Race High Tide 25 K Race, July 17th 2011.

25 K SUP race, 1 k sup race, demo's, clinics, a day with fun!

Experience the thrill of paddling a 25 kilometer course through the old city of Haarlem and it environment.  

Enjoy paddling with fellow paddlers! Follow and chase each other through the canals and the countryside of western Holland.


Men,uptill12’6ft,12’7 -14ft ,above14ft Ladies, up till 12’6 ft , 12’7 – 14 ft ,above 14 ft Juniors (<18 year)

If there are less then 3 contestants in a group, groups are added together. Contestants receive a t- shirt and a jersey. The jersey must be returned to the organization. 


Entrance fee: 25 euro including dinner and contest T-shirt  (15  euro excluding dinner)

Entrants can choose between the 25km paddle race or the day program!



  • 10:00 Start evenement
  • 11:30 Start 25 km race.
  • 12:00 Start van de clinics
  • 12:30 Start van de races op het meet
  • 14:30 Verwachte finish 25 k race
  • 15:00 Estafette wedstrijdjes
  • 17:30 Prijsuitreiking
  • 18:00 Barbecue met grote tombola

The day can be finalized with dinner at Restaurant Molenplas.


High Tide 25K SUP Paddle Race, Haarlem, Netherlands


The Start

  • All categories start at the same time. The starting line is on the Molenplas and found The start procedure is:
  • 5 minute call 1 minute call Count down from 10 to start At time = 0: 1 long horn blow
  • False start: 1 short horn blow indicates a false start. The false starter must make a 360 degrees turn. Failure to do so leads to disqualification.
  • Start direction: from east to west.
  • After the start First round the first bouy on the west side of the lake. Then round the second bouy on the east side of the lake. Then paddle west in the direction of the Cruquius steam natermill.


After entering the Molenplas for the final stretch, round the bouy on the far west side of the lake. Then finish between the 2 bouys. The tip of the board is leading.

General rules


  • Follow the yellow arrow signs. The yellow arrow signs are posted every kilometre or at turns.
  • On large waterways stay close to the shore. Even though you have right of way over motorboats, they actually are larger most of the time. Right of way is given, not taken.
  • Taking a shortcut results in disqualification.


The overtaken paddler has right of way. The overtaking paddler must stay clear. The overtaken paddler must take its ideal course to not hinder the overtaker.


Tailing a paddler from a different category is not allowed. Tailing a paddler in the same category is allowed.


Protests must be filed within 30 minutes of arrival. The verdict of the judging committee is conclusive.


A contestant must have a liability insurance. Juniors must have their parents approval.

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