This month Mistral will introduce the new M1 14’0 and 12’6 inflatable SUP Race Boards, the world's first inflatable Race SUP.

Based on a design and shape by Mr. Ernstfried Prade, Mistral has set itself a grand challenge: to introduce inflatable long boards to the market which are not only fast, but also fun, easy to use and easy to handle on and off the water. 

During the last 6 months Windsurf champion Anders Bringdal & SUP champion Markus Perrevoort have been testing these boards under all water & weather conditions. Markus is extremely excited about the performance of the new Mistral inflatable 14’0: “Thanks to the ability to vary the air-pressure, the board is adjustable to all kind of water conditions, from very choppy water to flat water. I congratulate Mistral and thank them for this innovation”. A full review in German is here. As Anders says: “A great board to ride. Lots of fun. The board is fast and glides great in the water. It is super well balanced and allows you to add maximum pressure to the paddle stroke. It’s amazing how stiff the board is knowing it is an inflatable board. Once on the water you forget this fact. This is a g great product & something that we have missed on the market for a long time”. 

Mistral firmly believes that the future of SUP lies in inflatable long boards. For this reason Mistral has founded a New Mistral Class Organization for SUP: 


Mistral is now the first brand in the World of SUP with their own Class SUP Organization, taking this sport into the 21st century. One of the founders of MIOC is Mrs. Yola Bichler, the owner of the Club Mistral resorts, located on the most beautiful spots all-over the world. +031 546 484 680 MISTRAL.COM


  • Providing a level playing field; tighter racing that will bring the best paddler forward 
  • Easy accessible to anyone who wants to have a go. 
  • Easy transport by road or air (around the world there will be races that you can travel to with your board under any regulation airline deal of 20 kg baggage). 
  • Can be easily stored 

The first ever Mistral MIOC race will be held during the famous Lost Mills Race in Germany, Brombach-lake, at Friday June 8th 2012. For more info visit their website:

Mistral is firmly of the believe that the future lies in long SUP boards, which provide both speed for the professional and stability for the beginner. Board length is one of the most distinguishing features of the new Mistral M1 SUP’s making them incomparably fast, stable, controllable with or without a paddle and user-friendly to all ages and stages (and thus extremely child friendly). 

USP’s Mistral Inflatables

  • Can be inflated till the maximum PSI indicated on the pump. Thanks to this, the board is stiffer and is able to be used as a race board. 
  • The reason for this is the superior quality of the military grade drop-stitch material, using more nylon strings to connect the top- with the bottom skin. 
  • 2 removable security handles 
  • Paddle holder 
  • New timescale 
  • Soft and hard EVA-deck for comfortable paddling 
  • Steel rind for emergency cases 

So, thanks to the increased board pressure & consequent stiffness the rider is enabled to last longer on the water. As a non plaining long board, the board is faster (because the longer the waterline the faster the board!). Moreover, the longer the board, the more stabile we can allow ourselves to make the board without losing any speed…. 

The fact that the M1 14’0 and 12’6 are inflatable boards, they offer other significant advantages. Thanks to their low weight (11,9 kg) the M1 Race Boards can be easily carried by children and adults alike. They are inflatable within 4 minutes and just as easily deflated. 


  • Stronger 
  • easy to travel 
  • easy to store 
  • Can be used as a sun tanning mattress when you do not want to ride. 
  • Child friendly. 

Further info will be provided during the coming weeks on the Mistral’s website:

M1 race 12’6 inflatable Specs:

  • Length: 380 cm 
  • Width:  75 cm 
  • Volume:245 Ltr
  • Weight: ca. 12kg
  •  Price: € 1.295,- 

M1 race 14' inflatable Specs: 

  • Length:426 cm
  • Width:70 cm
  • Volume: 290 Ltr
  • Price : € 1.495,- 
We are curious to get our hands on a test board and will publish a full review soon!