Imagine 14' Sprinter with middle fin

Thanks to Carsten Kurmis (Imagine Surfboards) and Guido Meier (Bavarian Waters) we had a chance to take out the new 2011 Imagine 14' Carbon Sprinter on a gorgeous mountain lake this weekend.

It has been completely redesigned with a different nose shape that "cuts" the water and has a middle fin, which gives extra stability. It looks gorgeous and after Jay Manning named the Fanatic Fly Race "Red Rocket" we decided to give this one a name too, "Black Beauty".

The first Impression: The revolutionary design makes it really fast, it perfectly stays on track but is nevertheless very stable due to the second middle fin. The slightly lower stance is very comfortable and the deck pad also allows to take a water bottle or other stuff along when touring. We are curious how it will compare to the 14" Fanatic Fly Race and how it will do in the upcoming races! A more detailed review will follow.

Technical Data:

14’ x 27” x 8” – 248 ltr

And here are the photos (click on rectangle for full screen view):