Fanatic Fly race clear wood

The Fanatic Fly 12’6” x 30,5” is a great board, it is a bit wider vs. it's slender brother, the "red rocket" 12'6"x27.75. While the red rocket is one of the fastest boards you can find for flat water racing, the 30.5" is more suited for choppy waters and heavier riders.

Fanatic Team Rider Belar Diaz actually used the 12'6"x30.5 for the Gibraltar-Ceuta crossing. Yes, a 12'6"! Not a 14' board! He said: "The 12'6"x30" is a great board. Fast, yet very stable. I was a bit worried about crossing on a 12'6" but it was no problem at all!"

Belar Diaz on the Fanatic Fly 12'6

The only thing I personally did not like about the board so far was its design, the white board was a bit boring compared to the "red rocket". But soon it will be available in a stunning wood design….

Fanatic Brand Manager, Craig Gertenbach explains: “We are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and optical highlights, so we could not resist adding this very exclusive new edition to our line up. The shape is identical to our best seller Fly Race 12’6” x 30,5”, but visually another world altogether, for anyone who enjoys stand alone products, this is their board! The construction is inspired by the legendary and famous speedboats of Boesch/Riva. We built the actual Fly 12’6” in a clear vision technology based on 3 different wood types. In the bottom we used a unbleached bamboo, the rails were finished with dark colored wenge and the deck is made with a high density resistant version of ash wood. In combination with a specifically reduced and classic graphic, Fanatic has created another technical and optical highlight for the new 2012 board range.”

Fly Race 12’6” x 30,5” Clear Wood Edition Board Specs:

"From Marathon to morning glide, this allround Raceboard covers lakes or open ocean and can even be ridden in surf. The long waterline means less effort and more momentum. The CAD-analyzed curve flow’s formed a smooth tail rocker release for paddle motion that also allows gentle surfing as well. A domed nose with water-cutting bow and flat-angled deck shape disperses chop and releases water easily for maximum speed."

  • Volume: 254, Width: 30.5" / 77.5 cm
  • Length: 12'6" / 381 cm
  • Technology: Clear Vision Wood Technology Top Bottom
  • Fitting: Fly 9"; US Box

Available February 2012 in limited quantities. Further info on the board can be found here. And here is a test of 12'6" Race Boards, including the Fanatic Fly 12'6" 27.75" and 30".