Danny Ching Fastest Paddler on Earth

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Danny Ching, one of the fastest Paddlers in the world, has just set a new unofficial record. He paddled 200m (219 yards) ┬áin 47.6 (!) seconds. That is an average speed of over 15.2 km/h or 9.4 miles per hour! (Fastest Paddler on Earth Contest at Lost Mills Race in Germany, June 2014). That is a stroke rate of 94 strokes per minute. How awesome is that? He was on a 14’x24″ race board from the company he owns, 404.


He started out doing 41 strokes on the left side before switching for the first time. Watch the video belw.

Fastest Paddler on Earth Race @ Lost Mills

Want to train to reach a speed like this? Don’t try to do 200m at full speed immediately. Start with 15 second sprints and long recoveries in between. Only go as fast as your coordination allows, when your stroke gets messy, shift one gear down!

And here he gives some useful tips on how to paddle faster: