Fanatic has just announced an inflatable SUP which is based on the proven Fly Model shape and has removable future-style fins. This is good news as typically, the short, built-in “rubber” fins from traditional inflatables make it hard to keep the board on track

Here is the first product info, a test will follow soon.
Get pumped-up on the biggest and funnest health craze sweeping the planet in awesome new portable packages. Based on the proven hard-shell Fly models, these two travel-friendly all-round shapes will blow your mind with familiar waveriding rocker lines and rails. Easy paddling from beginners to almost any kind of surf, experience perfect glide for cruising with flat, wide-decked shapes for stability and easy turning. Supplied with a handy back pack, pump and optional 3-piece paddles, you’re all set to see the world from new angles with a big board adventure in a bag. Using rugged Dropstitch PVC Technology, our boards boast extra layers of post inflation lamination for extra stiffness, and removable cutting-edge Future-style fins to match any hard board performance.

It is available in 2 sizes:

9’ x 31”:
A bulletproof, dynamic shape for younger or more progressive riders who need an easy-to-transport shape for surfing conditions. A TriFin/Thruster set will see you blow other hard and inflatable shapes out of the water. Hard enough to take knocks on the rocks, it’s easy to store and inflates in minutes.
  • Vol.: 146l, Width: 31”/78,7cm, Length: 9”/274,3cm,
  • Fin Technology: 3x removable Future-compatible fins
10’6” x 34″:
Perhaps the most multipurpose product on the market. Born of the classic hard shell Fly 10’6”, this is no inflatable tailored to the ocean – it’s based on the most popular shape in – our hard shell range, but with extra width for stability and comfort.Perfect
for genuine surfing performance, cruising and maximum family fun – all packed in a handy bundle. Make sure there’s one in your trunk ready to hit the water at any opportunity.
  • Vol.: 210l, Width: 34”/86,4cm, Length: 10´6”/320cm,
  • Fin Technology: 3x removable Future-compatible fins

Check out the Video:

Available April/May 2012.
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