The Stand Up Paddle Book

The first good book about Stand Up Paddling is out! And we have now had a chance to fully read it!


SUP-guide thinks: This is a great book and you can really tell this is not some bla bla but a very passionate and experienced Stand Up Paddle Surfer sharing all his valuable tips and experiences gathered in many years. It is has really good, in-depth content, but is nevertheless written in a very fun and entertaining way, so it never gets boring – you can almost read it like a novel. Those however expecting great photos will be disappointed, it only has comic style black and white illustrations. But then again, it is a lightweight paperback which you can take with you on your travels and it comes at a very attractive price! If you are looking for more photos, you might want to wait for Rob Casey's book (out in April)

Some words from the author Nate:

Learn How to Stand Up Paddle, Train, and Survive Wipeouts!

When the smoke finally cleared from figuring out this sport, it hit me that I was probably not the only one that started out totally in the dark about how to stand up paddle. So, I started writing The Stand Up Paddle Book. Now everyone can learn how to stand up paddle the right way.

This Book Will Give You the Knowledge and Skills You Need to Choose the Right Equipment and Catch Waves!

Nobody’s born knowing how to ride a stand up paddle board and choose the right equipment. Before you lay out the big bucks for a new board, you’ve gotta’ know what to look for. And, before you get hammered in the surf like I did, you’ve got to have the skills and knowledge to be safe and have fun. The Stand Up Paddle Book has got it all!

Did you know that The Stand Up Paddle Book is a book without covers?

Wait! What are you talking about Nate? I want a cover on MY copy.
Hold on there…the book has a physical cover but the content never ends!
In your copy of The Stand Up Paddle Book, you will find instructions on how you can get a FREE membership to the The Stand Up Paddle Book Crew.
It's a secret website where you can read the book with other stand up paddlers around the world. Each chapter of the book has a discussion area where you can add comments, ask questions, and share your insights on every chapter. It's a book without covers!
Instructions for getting your membership are found inside the book. See you in The Stand Up Paddle Book Crew members area.

Section I. Safety First 11

Section II. Fitness Intro 49

Section III. Wave Watch 53

Section IV. Gearing up for Surf 59

Section V. Fins and More Fins 85

Section VI. The Bells and Whistles 99

Section VII. Paddle Picking Time 111

Section VIII. Getting Out & Getting Up 131

Section IX: Stance & Posture 153

Section X: Paddle & Board Control 161

Section XI: Ready for Surf 181

Section XII: Taking on the Elements 211

Section XIII: Wipeout Survival Guide 223

Section: XIV: The Conclusion 241

Section XV: The Fitness Appendix 245
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About the Author

Nate Burgoyne is the founder and editor of the digital magazine, Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine (, the world’s first stand up paddle publication. Nate continues to write numerous articles about the sport, review equipment, host an online stand up paddle radio show, and has the privilege of interviewing some of the greatest watermen and women. He got his first stand up paddle board in 2006 before the mass production of stand up paddle boards and was instantly hooked. Nate is also co-founder of Rainbow Watersports Adventures ( stand up paddle school on the North Shore of Oahu and has personally taught hundreds of people of all ages and abilities how to successfully stand up paddle. Nate was born in Hawaii on Oahu’s North Shore where he currently resides with his wife and kids, and enjoys surfing, paddling, diving and fishing.