And here is the video of the crossing….

So after Belar Diaz, Fred Bonnef, Jaime Herraiz and Ramon Blanco had paddled from Spain to Ceuta in North Africa in the record time of 2 hours and 30 Minutes, Belar was like “That was too easy, lets go back!”. And Fred was like “yeah and it was kind of boring, let’s chase some more cargo boats, and maybe can also see some Dolphins…..

Here’s how that turned out:


Thanks to Konti from Acht, who is an avid Surfer, Snowboard and Stand Up Paddler as well for letting us use their song

“Stell dir vor” – Imagine

Imagine that nothing stays as it is

Imagine that everything is more colorful than in reality

Imagine that we have everything and need nothing

Imagine that you’re too old to die young

Imagine that expiration dates are valid any more.

Let your imagination begin in a time where everything is just right…Imagine that every addiction comes to an end

Imagine that we are approaching truth again

Imagine that loyal souls are happy again