Isar – A beautiful turquoise green river on a grey day at low water. Yes, it would have been gorgeous, if it wasn’t for all the litter.

In line with Ocean Initiatives 2011, the Munich SUP Crew went for a trash fishing paddle and collect as much rubbish as we could fit on our Imagine SU-11 Wildwater SUP.

It’s amazing what you find, plastic bags, bottles, empty crips packets, beer bottles, bicycles, shopping carts, car parts – we even pulled a ski boot out of the water. We also passed by 5 bikes and 3 shopping carts which we could not retrieve.

Please think before you party and have a BBQ. We know it gets funny, there is alcohol and than it gets dark&cold and you dash home! But please, take a large trash bag with you and encourage everybody to put their trash in it! Think how many thousands of years that trash, especially the plastic, will be around, killing fish and doing other harm. Glass bottles are mean too, they will break and kids playing or surfers surfing will cut their feet.

Don’t park or leave your bike near the river, the water can quickly go up from 50cm to 1,40m and then your bike will be gone, pollute the river and also pose a risk to surfers, paddlers and wildlife!

Like the thought of doing something good? You can organize your own clean-up here

Here are the photos, see how the SU-11 got fuller and fuller. Click on the rectangle to view in full screen mode!