Glaring city lights,  a scary bridge underpass, a waterfall,  a fairy-tale like Hänsel and Gretel house or nightpaddling on Munich’s Canal.

The canal at the south end of Munich is the ideal place for a quick evening paddle. There are parking spaces only 15m from the water, the artificial edge of the canal is very low, so it’s easy to get in and out. The distance you can paddle until you hit a hydro-electric power plant is short, only about 3km, but the current is reasonable strong, so if you have paddled that back and forth twice, you have had a good workout.

Despite the short distance, the scenery is very divese. You start with the sight of glaring city lights reflected in the water and then enter a darker passage with a scary bridge underpass and fairy-tale like Hänsel and Gretel house. As the light gets less your eyes will adjust to the darkness and you will see a wonderful moon and hundreds of stars.

Petra ( and Etienne (Munich Stand Up Paddling) had checked out and test-paddled the tour first during daylight and then at sunset as well as night and were well-prepared to take our old surfing buddy and now SUP-pioneer Peter Bartl ( who was in town for ispo (sports trade fair) out there at night.


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Equipment Used:


Air was 15°C during the day, but chilly 3°C at night. Water temperature was 4°C. We were wearing 3/2mm long wetsuits with softshell jackets on top. Etienne and Peter were wearing Booties, Etienne was freezing in his split-toe booties. Petra was wearing Puma Goretex shoes. As the water was very flat and there was no wind, we were not wearing PFDs or leashes. Normally, PFDs are advised when paddling rivers.



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Fotos: (c) Petra Offermanns |,   Georg Sonntag, Leo Sonntag