What did you do for Halloween? Check out this aweseome story from Blue Chip SUPer club!

Well the forecast for our Halloween paddle was not that good, some rain with 16>20 mph wind with gusts of 35 mph. Nevertheless, did these little details put us off – NO CHANCE..!

Terry, Ian, Julian, Ali and myself met up at TSC Rob also came along to make a photographic record of all apparitions..!  Pete called in to say he was coming but would be a little late:  This year Halloween fell on a full moon so there was the potential for many spirits to show themselves. We busied ourselves getting the kit sorted and ready for the paddle Soon the first apparition appeared and was ready to paddle out into the darkness
As we slowly made our way back upstream the gusts were becoming more persistent and we were often being driven backwards by the wind. We decided to stick the bank which would give us a small reduction in the strength of the gusts but the only way  we could get to the bank was paddling on our knees. We re-grouped behind some large pleasure boats that were moored up. The windbreak was very welcome at this point.
While we were recovering and re-grouping, a Casper the ghost came paddling down stream and then paddled over to us from the middle of the river. It was now time to battle our way through the last stretch back to the Club. As julian and I were pounding our way up stream against the wind and current I hit something submerged with my fin and then Julian also hit the same thing with his paddle, this was about 5 metres out from the bank ..???? very eerie..!!!!!!
Eventually, we all found our way back to the Club
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