There are 1.441 km² of water surface in Bavaria, and there are 307 Lakes. My goal is to paddle all of them. One lake at a time, creating a photo report from each paddle. We’ll see how that goes.

SUP in Bavaria

So far I have paddled on 15 lakes…

  • Alatsee
  • Alpsee
  • Ammersee
  • Bodensee
  • Brombachsee
  • Chiemsee
  • Eibsee – the story of our SUP snow BBQ with Annabel is here:
  • Kochelsee
  • Staffelsee – the full story of our ice, ice paddle on Staffelsee is here:
  • Seehamer See
  • Starnberger See
  • Tegernsee
  • Walchensee
  • Waldschweigsee
  • Wörthsee

Fancy paddling in Bavaria yourself? Check out guided tours with! They can take you to all the places you see below.

Check out the photos so far

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