Bart de Zwart, a Dutch Pro Stand Up Paddler living in Hawaii came over to Europe to participate in the SUP Race Cup in St. Maxime last weekend. But this alone was not all, he is today going to cross the Northsea on a SUP Stand Up Paddle Board (STARBOARD 14′ Open Ocean) from England to Holland, solo, non stop and unsupported. UPDATE: Bart just arrived in Zandvoort at the Spot, after 37.5 hours of paddling! Congratulations, Bart!

Bart, winner of the 2011 Eleven City tour, has already embarked on quite a few incredible solo adventures and was nominated for the ‘Top Expedition of the Year’ award and the ‘SUP man of the Year’ award in the United States in 2011. He started near Lowestoft in the UK this morning and plans to arrive in Holland in Zandvoort at THE SPOT beachclub some time tomorrow. The journey is about 182km. This is the first attempt to cross the Northsea with a Stand Up paddle board.
Bart was waiting for a break in the Easterly winds Holland has had for the last weeks. Suddenly a window of 48 hours appeared, enough to get this adventure going. It will be a 20 – 30 hours paddle. Weather looks very good right now.

Start: Wednesday 30th of May 2012 – 8:00 Lowestoft
Expected finish: Thursday 31st of May 2012 – Between 04:00 and 14:00 Zandvoort, The Spot
For safety, he has an Eprib, a personal locator beacon with GPS position. This device has two purposes. One; in case of a life threatening situation (only then) it will sent a signal via Satellite to a rescue coordination center. Second; with this particular device Bart can send a limited amount of messages to friends and family on shore to let them know his GPS position. 2 GPS’s and maps to make sure where he is. Navigation lights on a little mast (only at night). Flares, smoke signals and hand flares, 2 compasses, charts/maps, VHF radio, Cell phone, back up paddle and extra shaft.

Bart is bringing warm clothing for dry and wet circumstances. (1 mil short wetsuit and a 5 mil full wetsuit) Wet shoes, beanie rain trouses and softshell DAKINE jacket against the wind and cold.
He is taking a mixture of dryfreezed food, nuts, dry fruits, granola bars, chocolate, perpetuem (liquid sports food) and recoverite (liquid recover drink) and electrolyte drinking powder). Bart will be looking forward to fruits and veggies when he gets there.
Bart has taken  take enough water on board for the whole trip and 2 days extra in case of emergency.

We wish Bart all the best for this adventure!