Thomas Oschwald has an amazing plan. Beginning of June he will go on a fascinating SUP adventure. He will attempt to paddle from his home in Mollis, Switzerland to the Atlantic Ocean – and back. 5000 km in total. This would be world record. The current official record is held by Tom Jones who standup paddled the length of California from Oregon to Mexico (1,250 Miles in 90 consecutive days). After a lot of tests and research he found the right board for this amazing adventure. “The Tahoe Zephyr SUP is super light, fast and perfect for my purpose” says Thomas.

He chose a route which allows him to paddle the full tour on his SUP without leaving the water (exception: watergates, embankments, sleeping and getting food). We wish him all the best for this adventure and will report live form the journey.

Thomas will go on this trip alone, but would like it if fellow paddlers were to accompany him on part of the way. He will always put his position up live here. More information on the tour and an interview with Thomas can be found here. More on the Tahoe Zephyr Touring SUP can be found here or on

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