Last year I learned 2 new things: That Nidecker, a snowboarding brand from my youth, produces SUP Boards and that you can surf Lake Geneva, Switzerland. This Monday was another of those magic days where the wave was firing…Check this out!

What you need to know is that I travel to Geneva quite often on business, about once or twice a month. Usually I just see the airport and a meeting room, but those pictures put the dreaded Geneva trips into a whole different light.

They were taken by Robert Etienne on Monday, January 31st at Nyon Beach. The water temperature was 6°C and air was 0°C. The waves are actually wind waves. The wind was firing with impressive 8-9 Beaufort. This is serious wind and only advised for real experts. The next day, many ships could be found shipwrecked along the lake shoreline.

The scenery around Lake Geneva is very impressive – You can see lots of snow covered mountains from your SUP.

The rider is Steve Fleury and he is riding a Nidecker Board

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All photos with friendly permission of (c) Robert Etienne