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SUP Desitnation Philippines

Life as a Stand Up Paddel Traveller

In cooperation with #standuptraveller Sup Tours Philippines is organizing specialized packages for stand up paddlers wanting to see the philippines and explore jungle rivers, lagoons, hidden coves and mesmerizing reefs.

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How to Increase Your Stand Up Paddling Performance – SUP Training Book


The long awaited book “How to Increase Your Stand Up Paddling Performance” by SUP Training Guru Suzi Trains Maui is now available.

This incredibly valuable book on stand up paddling performance is the next best thing to having Suzie there next to you on the water and on land, training and coaching you. You might not be able to get to Maui, but Suzie Trains Maui can now come to you! Take advantage of these jewels NOW before your next race.

This full color, 356 page book presents hundreds of step-by-step photographs showing exactly how to increase your SUP performance. Improving your cardio capacity and endurance, learning how to develop better balance and faster reaction times for changing conditions, breaking waves or tight buoy turns; are just some of the many ways she will help you increase your paddle board performance.

  • dominate with more paddle power
  • become faster off the start
  • build more body and water confidence
  • increase your mental game
  • choose the right fuel for training and race day
  • develop your very own SUP program
  • improve your balance
  • download a FREE SUP Training Log

World Champion Annabel Anderson writes:

Suzie is not only a trainer and athlete, but and ‘athlete of life’. Suzie brings a compliment of skills to any situation that are garnered from the school of hard knocks to help harness a person’s athletic and personal potential. While you may see a strong, aesthetically beautiful woman from the outside, it’s her life experience that has honed her steely resolve, tenacity, resilience, knowledge and power to overcome the unthinkable. When you read this book, you’re tapping into this bank of knowledge to emerge with an arsenal of tools to help you go forward.

Check out the book on Amazon here.

Some exemplary pages below:

More SUP Training Resources

Night LED SUP Paddle

Go for a Nightpaddle with SUP LED Night Paddles

Night LED SUP Paddle

You have done all the rivers and lakes or beaches in your neighbourhood and are looking for a new adventure? How about a nightpaddle?

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Naish 2016 SUP Range

It is this time of the year again…..On the same day as Fanatic, Naish announced their 2016 SUP Range.

Javelin Carbon boards are suitable for ambitious racers and professional competition. They feature a state-of-the-art rocker line and newly developed deck and bottom shape for lightning fast acceleration and ultimate gliding speed.

Available in 24”, 26” and 28” widths, the newly refined Javelins feature a carbon construction which combines the impact resistance of a wood sandwich deck with the lightweight and stiffness of a carbon bottom and carbon rail—providing even more direct board feel.

Available in 24” and 26” widths, the hydrodynamically advanced dihedral nose shape efficiently splits water off the sides of the board, letting the hull move smoothly through windy open water conditions. The newly developed rocker allows the rider to catch glides—even in the roughest conditions—with minimal trim adjustment.


Naish is also introducing the new 2016 Naish Paddle Collection. Engineered for maximum performance and heightened durability, the 2016 line strikes the ideal balance between strength, power and flex. Using cutting-edge materials and shaping techniques, our paddles feature refined constructions, precision blade shaping and are available in a variety of sizes to optimize your stroke. Whether for touring, racing, wave riding or all-around use, Naish paddles offer unmatched performance, quality and value.


A great fit for a wide variety of riders, the fast and easy-to-paddle Glide Touring boards provide enhanced directional stability, making them the ultimate choice for all-around SUP touring.

The newly developed outline—with its wider nose and tail—increases stability in a variety of conditions. Its displacement bow effortlessly pierces through chop, while a deep single-concave tail creates added directional stability, enabling riders to complete more strokes per side. In addition, even volume distribution creates a much larger sweet spot, helping riders of every skill level take their touring experience to the next level.

The New Glide Touring boards also feature plugs in the nose area which can accommodate a bungee storage system for precious cargo.


The Odysseus series is designed for all-around cruising, exploring, learning the basics and riding small waves. Featuring an extra wide outline throughout the nose, mid-section and tail, these boards provide phenomenal stability.

New to the lineup, the 11’2” features an M8 universal insert, which allows for use as a windsurf board as well. Additionally, the Odysseus also features plugs in the nose area which can accommodate a bungee storage system for precious cargo. Also available as a Soft Top for schools and rental centers.

More information on the new 2016 Naish SUP Range.

Or watch the video below!

Fanatic SUP Collection 2016

Fanatic 2016 SUP Collection

Fanatic SUP Collection 2016The 2016 Fanatic SUP Collection is now online here: There is a lot of new stuff, especially in the area of inflatables.

The new super lightweight double layer light technology makes the boards about 30% lighter yet stiffer. There are new shapes like stubby air for waves and rapid air for white water and there is the brand new Fly Air Fit board for Yoga and Fitness which can be combined with a platform which can connect up to 8 boards.


The inflatables also come with new wheely backpacks and a completely re-designed powerpump.

The Raceboard lineup has been split into the Strike for Flatwater and the Falcon for the ocean. The Strike has a deep cutting bow and is only available in 14′, the Falcon has a more rounded nose shape which is better for ocean racing.

The new Carbon Pro paddle only weights 500g and there now also is a carbon fiber paddle for kids. You can download the new catalog here.

SUP Racing Tips

SUP Racing Tips from Pros

SUP Racing Tips

Further to our general Paddle Technique Tips, here are the top tips from various Pros.

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50 Water Adventures To Do Before You Die


50 Water Adventures To Do Before You Die:

The world’s ultimate experiences in, on and under water Paperback – March 10, 2015

by Lia Ditton

From paddle-boarding the Mississippi to big game fishing off Mexico, from floating in the Dead Sea to swimming with jellyfish in Palau, from iceboating in Russia to sailing non-stop round the world, this book promises to inspire dreamers to become doers.Featuring experiences in every corner of the globe and accompanied by stunning photography and bite-sized practical information, this book accommodates every mood, budget, timespan and level of challenge. In amongst incredible tests of endurance lies a healthy range of more practical activities for the general reader: if inner tubing the Colorado rapids isn’t quite your thing, dining in the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives just might be. Diverse and utterly captivating, this book is guaranteed to enthral thrill-seekers, water lovers and armchair readers alike.


Mentawi Islands Surfing

Check out this amazing video, captured by a drone.

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Choosing the right SUP Fin

Choosing the right SUP Race Fin

Choosing the right SUP Fin

At  this time and day, SUP Races are won by seconds or less. Surely choosing the right SUP race fin can make a difference that is somewhere within that range….

Basic principles for choosing a SUP fin:

  • The more volume a fin has, the more stability/traction it gives, in return, turning gets harder!
  • The more volume a fin has, the more drag it creates. Longer fins create more drag vs. shorter fins with same volume (the longer the leading edge in water, the more drag)
  • Smaller fins: Faster. Larger fins: Slower (in flat conditions with same rider).
  • Bigger, heavier, stronger riders can ride / need bigger fins!
  • If your board is narrow / feels tippy and conditions are choppy: choose a bigger fin!
  • If your board is wide / stable but feels slow, try a smaller fin!
  • Shape of fin is much more important than weight / material!
  • The best fin is useless if it does not properly fit your board and is loose. Make sure the fin fits your board 100% (does not move in the finbox).
  • When doing a race in areas with seagrass (hello Eleven City Tour…): Use a weed fin!
  • Bigger Board: Smaller fin – Smaller Board: Larger fin
  • Is your balance good: Choose a smaller fin! not so good? Rider a larger fin!
  • Can you paddle straight? Choose a smaller fin! not so much? A larger fin will help you stay on track. The time you loose paddling zigzag or switching too often is usually much more than the time you loose due to the drag of a larger fin.
  • Fin box position: the further your fin box is in the front, the deeper your fin needs to go.

Don’t forget the big picture:

  • A fin that is too small for your size / ability will cost much more time via not going straight, falling off vs. the time it saves by being smaller
  • A fin that catches weed will slow you much more down than the shape can make you faster
  • A fin that does not properly fit your board (shakes left and right) will cost much more time than it saves by having a better shape vs. fin that came with board.

Some exemplary SUP Race Fin Shapes and my personal POV on them


Danny Ching SUP Fin:

This fin gives a lot of stabilty but is not too long, so drag is still ok. I use it for long distance open ocean races.






Slater Trout Fin

good compromise between speed and stability. Easier to turn vs. Danny Ching fin. I use it for beach races with many buoy turns.

FCS-weed-racing fin


FCS Weed Fin

my choice for 11 City Tour (but might go with smaller one next time). It is great as no weed gets stuck to it and you can paddle on one side for a long time but it is 10″ long, so it creates quite a big of drag, since my board has quite a lot of volume for my weight and size, I think I could ride it a bit shorter.

Futures Fins KEEL SUP Race Fi


Futures Fins KEEL SUP Race Fin

with only 44square inch and a very low profile and little leading edge, this is maybe the smallest and fastest (in terms of drag) race fin. It is designed for flatwater racing, long straight lines (not turns in the surf)



FUTURES SUP Keel fin – video


Futures SUP – Keel Fin from Futures Fins on Vimeo.

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Paddleboarding Paradise: Maledives

The Maldives are an island nation in the Indian Ocean–Arabian Sea area, consisting of a double chain of twenty-six atolls, oriented north-south, that lie between Minicoy Island (the southernmost part of Lakshadweep, India) and the Chagos Archipelago. The chains stand in the Laccadive Sea, about 700 kilometres (430 mi) south-west of Sri Lanka and 400 kilometres (250 mi) south-west of India.

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