SUP Zero Winter Photo Competition

Thanks for all the amazing photos! We got 81 photos from 9 countries, the highest pic being taken on 2034m (Sigrid) and the coldest pic being taken in -23°C (SUP Floki). Here are the winners…..(pictures with most likes on FB on midnight March1, only best photo per rider counts).

#1: Icy Lake Geneva Jump

Rider: Joseph Monteleone, Photo: Stephane Robert-Nicoud.

#2: Icebär on Tegersee

Rider: Icebär, Photo: Pascale Böhm

#3 Swiss Mountain Lake

Rider: Sigrid Baumgartner

#4: "Romantic Frozen"

Photo: Alexander Neumann

#5 Frozen France

Rider: Michel Terrien, Rider: Joelle Terrien

#6 Bavarian Mountain Lake:

Rider: Annabel Anderson, Photo: Petra Offermanns

#7: Aegerisee in -23°C


Rider. Martin FLOKI Walter , Photo: Sigrid Baumgartner
#8: snowy UK
Rider: Mike Ellicock Photo: Ian Cumming
#9: Bavarian Barrel
Rider: Carsten Kurmis. Photo: Gopro
#10: Icy US River SUP
Rider: Kevin Benhart Brown, Photo: Sage Burgess
#11: Strait of Juan De Fuca Surf
Rider: Tom Hanny, Photo: Gopro
#11: SUP on Ice
Rider: Jody Shasek
Congratulations to all winners. The full list of entries is here:
How does it work with the prices? The full list of prizes is here.
First the winner takes his pick, then the second can choose from the remaining prizes, then the 3rd and so on. Please email us your pick and your address to info(at)