Right in time for the start of the cold season, ION launches the new FUSE Drysuit in a revised & colorful design

The FUSE drysuit debuted back in 2010 and cought a lot of attention for its new design & functionality approach: A loose fit Neoprene drysuit made especially for water boardsports. It combines the advantages you know from snug fitting Neoprene wetsuits and loose fit but nonelastic Nylon fabric drysuits. The FUSE is made for all you hardcore guys who don’t care about minus degrees but just go out for a session even in the coldest winter time.
The 2013 edition FUSE drysuit comes first time ever in two different and at the same time highly visible colorways for extra safety in severe conditions on the water. New Supra_Tex reinforcements provide extra protection and increase the durability.
The FUSE is completely waterproof, due to flexible TIZIP® MasterSeal zippers on the back and the brand new P_Zip (guess where, for extra long sessions). All openings of the FUSE are sealed with SEAMTITE ® latex cuffs. The Glued Blind Stitch (GBS) seams are additionally taped from the inside – like you might now it from premium waterproof outdoor jackets – which makes them the safest waterproof solution so far. The detachable hood design with its reinforced shield provides a perfect shelter against the harsh elements. It can be adjusted tightly around the head without restricting the view in any head position while riding.
The Neoprene panels used in the FUSE drysuit are up to 4 millimetres thick, but still very elastic, which guarantees a maximum freedom of movement. In short: The FUSE is probably the warmest Neoprene suit solution foreversbody that wants to make his next season last 12 months!


  • Warmth: 4,0 – 3,0mm neoprene for maximum heat retention possible
  • Seam_Tape:  All seams completely taped inside for maximum water-resistance
  • Detachable hood: improved snapped on hood with stiffer shield,  elastic drawcords front/back neck 
  • Supra_Tex Knee Embossings: Uniquely embossed knee protection  ribs   
  • Roller embossing: Subtle M_Tex embossing pinstripe design on Dl panels  
  • P_Zip: The ultimate answer to a full bladder in a drysuit when it´s f***** freezing outside…
  • limestone_neoprene: eco-awareness starts in raw materials


  • TiZiP Master_Seal® dryzipper: improved opening / closing and flexibility
  • SEAMTiTE® latex cuffs: Bottleneck shaped for improved watersealing
  • gBl Seams: Fully glued blind-stitch seams with water sealing seam tape  inside
  • Elastic: Awesome wearing comfort due to flexible neoprene construction
  • Save:  neoprene construction helps floatation and keeps rider safely above the water
  • Cargo pockets: improved design to store your gloves etc. when you  don´t need them & Key_loop: key pockets inside of suit plus chest  pocket for easy access

Check out all the datails here.

And what about feet? We tested a lot of different boots, so far we found the ION Plasma Boots to be the warmest


  • Anti_Slip: improved rubber sole structure with outstanding stability and barefoot feeling
  • Donut_Cuff: made of one piece of Neoprene provides slick cuff sealing without seams
  • Glide_Skin: inside ankle PU-coating for perfect water sealing and anti rash
  • Support_Pad: for better stability in the arch of foot
  • Flex_Control: a striped print on the instep provides better stance and stability by reducing the stretch in this area.
  • Glued Blind-Stitch: water sealing for all seams
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