To Stand UP Paddle in Whitewater, where there are rocks, rapids and low water depth, you need especially designed boards, the normal Epoxy boards and shapes are not safe to use in White Water. There are 2 options for White Water:

PE Boards

Imagine Surfboards has pioneered the development of Whitewater boards. They are made of PE instead of Epoxy and they are hollow inside. They have a lot of volume which gives a lot of stability. They are built in a way that you can ride them without or with very short fins.

The hollow construction has another advantage: you get a lot of storage space in the inside, so you can also take a sleeping bag or substinence for longer Tours.


Imagine Surfer SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Board


  • Specs: 9’9” X 34” X 6”
  • Max Weight: 300lbs
  • Board Weight: 44lbs

By now, Corran Addison, the guy behind Imagine, who has a long history as a whitewater kayaker, competed in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and is a three-time world championship medalist sold his company to the Pryde Group and started a new venture, Corran Boards

This is his latest toy. The lightest plastic board ever!

tahiti-red1 Corran Whitewater SUP

Inflatable SUPs for Whitewater.

The other choice for white water are ISUPS



Check out these videos and you get an idea what you can do with SUPs in the Whitewater….