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Stand up paddle boarding is an easy way to enjoy the great outdoors, get some exercise, and have fun. It’s also great way to give your body a full workout and you don’t needs lots of equipment, but you do need water. Whether it’s the wide expanse of the ocean or the serenity of a quiet lake, you can practice SUP boarding without the need for any waves.

Picking your SUP board can be a difficult decision, and it’s important to take some time to decide how much you want to spend and what type of board will be best for you. Some of the most expensive professional boards can cost in the same region as a used car, but second hand boards can be snapped up for a much more manageable price.

Stand Up Paddle Boards

The first thing you need to think about when choosing your SUP board is exactly what you are going to be using it for. There are a number of different types of SUP boards out there which are suited to specific types of SUP disciplines, including racing, touring, and surfing. Then there are hybrids that cross-over from one discipline to the other.

Wave Boards for SUP-Surfing

SUP boards used for surfing waves are different to racing and touring SUP boards in three main ways. Firstly, they will have much more rocker in them, which is essential for efficient carving, top turns, and to stop you nose diving when you drop in to a wave. Secondly, they are almost always shorter than racing and touring boards, and with a maximum around 10ft. These types of boards are generally built for high performance, so can go much lower than 10ft, but it depends on your ability whether you will be able to surf the board. Thirdly, the tail and fins of the board will be different. You may be able to choose form shapes like a swallow, pin, or squash tail, depending on the selection of boards available. Also, the fin setup of your board is important, as these give you stability and drive through high-speed turns. The three-fin thruster setup is a popular choice, but there are other combinations available.


For easy going travel across open water, and SUP touring board is the way to go. They have a much higher volume than racing boards, which makes them ideal for cruising, but not for speed. However, once you have reached optimum speed, they require much less effort to keep moving than racing boards. It is usually possible to fix storage systems to the board so that you can take lunch, beers, or even fishing gear on your trip.

SUP Racebards

SUP board racing is growing fast, and boards are being developed to give athletes the edge when competing. Special racing boards are narrow and long to make it easy to paddle fast on, and a small rocker to stop any drag in the water. Racing boards can be extremely quick, but their design means stability is sacrificed for speed. You can check out some race boards here.

White Water SUPs

Wildwasser SUP

To Stand UP Paddle in Whitewater, where there are rocks, rapids and low water depth, you need especially designed boards, the normal Epoxy boards and shapes are not safe to use in White Water. Imagine Surfboards has pioneered the development of Whitewater boards. They are made of PE instead of Epoxy and they are hollow inside. They have a lot of volume which gives a lot of stability. They are built in a way that you can ride them without or with very short fins. The hollow construction has another advantage: you get a lot of storage space in the inside, so you can also take a sleeping bag or substinence for longer Tours.

Yoga&Fitness SUPs

Ein neuer Trend aus den USA ist es, Yoga oder Pilates auf einem SUP durchzuführen. Da man parallel zu eigentlichen Übungen permanent ausbalancieren muss, wird dabei fast jeder Muskel im Körper trainiert. Boga Paddleboards hat gerade das stabile Boga Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) gelauncht, das speziell für SUP Fitness und Yoga auf dem Wasser (YOW) entwickelt wurde. WOW! Neugierig? Hier gibt es weitere Infos.

Inflatable SUPs

Everybody who has been travelling with a SUP knows what for a pain this is. If you are tired of carrying around your SUP, you might want to consider an inflatable. Check out some inflatables here.

Kids Boards

SUP  is an ideal sport for the whole family. Now the first SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Boards for kids are available.

Tips on buying a paddleboard

Depending on your ability and knowledge of SUP boarding, you may know more about the selection of boards in the shop than the assistant. If you feel that you are not getting the advice you need, then try elsewhere. Similarly, if you feel that the assistant doesn’t have your best interests at heart, and is trying to sell what they have in stock and not what you really need, then head to the next store.
Then main thing with choosing a board is to be 100% happy with what you get, so that you’re not disappointed when you get it on the water. If this means you have to shop around and keep looking until you find the board that is right for you then so be it. You will thank yourself later for it.