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Steeve Teihotaata – Steve who?


Steve Teihotaata of Bora Bora is relatively new to SUP, he has only been stand up paddling for about half a year but he made a name for himself by winning the 132 miles SUP 11 City Tour 2015 – 5 straight wins every day on the Mistral Vortex 14′.

How is that possible you wonder? Well while he is new to SUP, he is not new to paddling. He is one of the world’s best V1 and OC1 paddlers, winning the Super Aito 2010, the Te Aito 2011, 2012 and the OC1 Solo Moloka’i in 2012, 2014 and 2015, finishing 2nd in the Super Aito 2015, by only 8 seconds to Jérusalemy Kevin Ceran.

Mistral signed him for SUP

Steeve Teihotaata was known to me through his OC1 wins of Molokai to Oahu races in 2010, 2014 and 2015 beating the likes of Danny Ching. In addition he paddles with Tahiti’s EDT V6 (OC6) crew and a winner of the Molokai Hoe and many great races back in Tahiti. In addition he, is a Super Aito V1 winner and runner up – the most gruelling solo paddle craft distance event on earth. Growing up on the mythlogical island of Bora Bora, surfing and paddling, Steeve’s natural ability, led him to move to Papeete to paddle and train with his EDT crew.

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Danny Ching Fastest Paddler on Earth

Danny Ching – Fastest Paddler on Earth @ Lost Mills

Danny Ching Fastest Paddler on Earth

Looking for some Motivation?

Danny Ching, one of the fastest Paddlers in the world, has just set a new unofficial record. He paddled 200m (219 yards)  in 47.6 (!) seconds. That is an average speed of over 15.2 km/h or 9.4 miles per hour! (Fastest Paddler on Earth Contest at Lost Mills Race in Germany, June 2014).

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The Austrian SUP pioneer Peter Bartl starts the 2013 season with JP-Australia. Bartl’s biggest 2012 achievements in the young sport of SUP are the first place of the German NP SUP Trophy, the third place at the longest race in the world – the 11 City Tour in Holland and the first place at the Salon Nautic Paris Sprint race last December.

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Olivia Piana joins Fanatic International Team

Olivia was already part of the French Fanatic SUP team, but delivering one great result after the other, French Team Manager Erwan Bordier decided together with Fanatic Brand Manager Craig Gertenbach to promote her  to the International SUP Team.

Yoann Cornelis joins Fanatic International Team

Yoann Cornelis, formerly Fanatic France has been promoted to the Fanatic International Team.

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Solo Starters at 60km Ultramarathon Podersdorf

Most of you will by now have heard that there will be a 60km Ultramarathon in Podersdorf. It is designed to be a team competition with 5 men and 3 women. There are however a few brave riders, who will attempt to do this solo. 60km in flat water are tough, but Podersdorf is Europe’s Wind Paradise. It’s the location of the Surf Worldcup after all….

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Pete “Reach” Holliday signs with Naish

Pete Holliday, the man with the impressive reach, one of the top UK paddlers (just finished 2nd in the Frostbite Finals) on his recent signing with Naish.

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Corran Addison and Imagine part ways

On March 28, 2012, Corran Addison left Imagine Surf to move on to new projects.

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Mark Slater signs with Fanatic and wins his first race on the 14′ Flatwater

UK Race Mark Slater signed with Fanatic and won his first race on the 14' flatwater board this weekend at the Aquasports Frostbite Race.

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Rich Morton joins Fanatic UK Team

Rich Morton, formerly with Bark,  joined the Fanatic UK SUP team. 

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